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    New DIY sites anytime soon...

    I'm bored and there isn't much new information about any of these sites, so I figured I would ask what people think will happen first:

    1)Will a new company start up with sites not requiring 2-8 credit card offers (like YF Direct) or an insane number of offers (like SOME MR and Nuitech sites)

    2) Will one of the current companies (YFD, MR, NT) start a new site with fewer offers after people stop doing their current sites

    3) They all go out of business and I "misplace" my w9's

    Or any others you can think of. I don't really care if you take this post seriously or not, so whatever.

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    Re: New DIY sites anytime soon...

    Man, if I was going to ask people if they could see into the future, I would come up with some more impactful qustions than these.
    I like stuff.

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