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    Over The Counter Bulletin Board

    Has anyone invested any money in penny stocks? These are listed in the Pink Sheets or the OVER THE COUNTER BULLETIN BOARD.
    Seems any company can get listed if you just wait (and stay in business for 2 years) while your quotation application is being processed and the total costs are about $6,500.
    Then you can offer your company shares to the public. Seems there is a lot if fraud going on the OTCBB...

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    Re: Over The Counter Bulletin Board

    it's a shame the SEC allows con artists to get listed and take tens of miilions of dollars from inocent investors, and then the SEC starts looking into it.
    What the SEC expects is that it will be able to locate the fraud artists in the USA and take them to court at some point.
    However, if the con artists are foreigners and planned to disappear to a faraway country where they have no extradition then they get away with it

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    Re: Over The Counter Bulletin Board

    i want to learn more about SEC

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