$20,000 or more reward for the arrest of founders of studiotraffic.

Is anybody willing to club together and form a reward to anybody who supply leisured information leading to the arrest of founder or the founders of studiotraffic. we know John is supposed to be the founder but nobody really knows who he really is.

It would be good if we could offer a reward of $20,000 or more.

I don't want to ask for money in advance as I don't want this to seem like a scam. A list of people willing to contribute in the likely event of any useful information rising from this reward. Will suffice.

I can be contacted at ady@pd2.net or you can discuss more at my studiotraffic.co.uk forum at http://www.studiotraffic.co.uk/forum/

I am sure somebody out there knows who he is.

I am pretty sure John has already moved on now and that this effort may be a long shot but who knows if the reward is big enough somebody may just grass on him.

If we get enough information together we can take it to the appropriate authorities. Who knows if any of you have connections in the right authorities we may even be able to get some help in this.

Please feel free to pass on this post any where you feel fit.

Thank You
Adrian Eyre