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    123 Click - update (long)

    As some of you know I filed a complaint about shoppingspree4free.com with the BBB and Pennsylvania's Attorney General. Today I received a letter from the BBB with Deb's response. I will copy some of the highlights from my response letter for your viewing pleasure. (Quoted text is from Deb's letter to the BBB in response to my complaint) If this helps someone else avoid getting ripped off then I'm happy.

    In response to “Deb” from click-123:

    “As such, I requested the documentation from the customer in order to prepare the disputes…we received no reply…”

    Click-123 was emailed through their contact page and I received no reply. Because their site says “wait 30 days” [for offer credit] and then in the next sentence “wait 45 days,” I waited to email again thinking they would not research if the offer completion was not 45 days out.

    I emailed again on February 27th and received no reply. Then again through the site contact on March 2 as well as via direct email. No reply. On March 6th I emailed that I had filed a complaint with the BBB and on March 7th I emailed that I had contacted the AG of PA. This is when Deb started communicating with me.

    Let me preface this by saying Deb did not honor a gift certificate from a previous site that I had completed (which I also filed a BBB report on) and I ended up letting it go because I had more important things on my plate at the time. Had I known this site was run by the same company I never would have participated.

    “…forwarded the email from February 13th…we had been responding to the customer since February…”

    “…the customer responded by accusing our company of lying, denying that we had sent her any emails.”

    I did receive the email dated February 13th on March 7th however I do not believe it was sent on 2/13. If it was, I would have received it. Also, if it was a true forwarded message the subject would have read “FW” not “RE.” [corrupting the header] Regardless of whether it was sent of not, even giving Deb the benefit of the doubt, the fact that I called their administration office every day and emailed 8 times as well as using the contact us page should have given someone a clue that I had not received the email. (By the way, I am a computer programmer and web developer who is quite adept at using computers, Deb’s comment that someone qualified could explain the forward to me is laughable.)

    “She did not indicate that she was at all willing to supply us with the requested documentation.”

    Blatantly untrue. I stated in my email of March 7th the following:

    “I will express mail this information to you with tracking tonight and I FULLY expect to receive this gift certificate.”

    “We attempted to offer her another chance to qualify. All she had to do was supply us with the requested documentation. She did not.”

    I have no idea what Deb is referring to here. I received ONE email requesting documentation and that was on March 7th (after the BBB and AG complaints). I immediately Express mailed her said info.

    “We have received no documentation from the customer.”

    As stated above I Express mailed all the information to Deb on March 7th. Since tracking is provided I will attach the status of the item. Note that the item arrived in PA on March 10th and NO ONE PICKED IT UP.

    I have had no further contact with Deb (although I did email her and tell her the package was waiting for her at the Post Office, no reply.)

    “At this point, the sponsor offer companies are reporting to us that she did not complete the offers via our website.”

    Again, a blatant lie. All offers were completed as click thrus on the shoppingspree4free.com web site (January 10th). In addition, I have been in contact with both Time Life and Thompson Cigars about the offers and both stated they have had customers call with repeated complaints about Click-123 sites not crediting. Christy and Katherine Kay (from Thompson) can confirm this.

    “The customer claims otherwise but is refusing to send us the proof…”

    This is getting redundant. Again, I did not refuse to provide documentation. I mailed it to the address Deb provided, she needs to go get it.

    I do not believe that I have been dealt with fairly. I think this company and all the affiliated sites are scams (and according to the number of complaints recently I’m surprised they are still in operation). I have not refused the “alternative solution” and I believe that I have done everything in my power to contact this company and make it right.

    Customer Complaint Data
    Number of complaints processed by the BBB since the firm's BBB file was opened in November 2004: 70
    Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 12 months: 38
    Complaints Concerned:
    Selling Practices (5 complaints)
    5 Resolved

    Advertising Issues (12 complaints)
    12 Resolved

    Service Issues (35 complaints)
    33 Resolved
    2 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve

    Credit or Billing Disputes (1 complaints)
    1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve

    Delivery Issues (10 complaints)
    10 Resolved

    Contract Disputes (5 complaints)
    4 Resolved
    1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve

    Guarantee or Warranty Issues (1 complaints)
    1 Resolved

    I have included copies of all emails between Deb and myself (including ones she did not copy you on) as well as proof that other people have also been scammed by “Deb” and her company.

    I request that you do not close this case as I believe there is enough proof that I completed all offers according to the terms and conditions of the web site. Proof that cannot be denied has been mailed. If this company is allowed to do this again they will have effectively scammed me out of $275 and who knows how much from countless other people.

    I still fully expect the $250 Home Depot card to arrive in my mailbox and will file fraud charges with the USPS if need be.

    I have just found out this is an I-Deal Direct company and will be copying them on this information.

    Thank you for your time.

    CC: President, I-Deal Direct, 27 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 623, Chicago, IL 60606

    Encs: Copies of documentation Express mailed March 7th, emails from Deb for dineoutfreetoday and shoppingspree4free, documentation from other people that have been scammed by the I-Deal Direct family of sites
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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    I think DEb is the only one who works there. I dealt with her regarding my 50 dollar gift card when I did not receive my link. I emailed and emailed, plus called. Deb only claimed to have received one email. I almost missed the deadline because of them. I did receive my card.
    You have a 14 day trial. On the 10th day your card will be billed and you will be shipped a fresh supply of our wonderful product....

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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    I have been going through hell with this company! :( Does anyone know the links that I can use to report Deb and her sorry company to the BBB and Attorney General. I sent over 12 emails to her regarding my redemption link that never came. I sent the first email 2 days after I got approved. There was no answer to any of them until the 30 days were up, then she said, "Too bad, offer expired." I called them 20 times, with no response or answer and even sent them a letter regarding the problem and they did receive it (I had tracking on the letter). Deb and 123 Click is terrible to deal with. They only owe me $50 gift card, but I will not let it go until I get it. Its wrong to rip off people.

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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    Livetbd - congratulations! :D

    Jeanne - anything I can do to help :p
    PA Attorney General
    BBB link <-- click on the "file complaint" tab at the top

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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    Thanks, Whimseys!

    I will be filing a report with both of them. If everyone this horrible company rips off reports them, maybe they would be shut down. I think it would be good to post something on rip off report as well. There are several people that have posted on there with problems. One of them states that the owner of the company is someone named "Shane Sellers". Deb must be the only actual employee and obviously, she doesn't do a good job in answering emails. I never received my redemption link via the mail and no one ever responded to me until the time was up. Its really wrong. :(

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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    I agree, everyone feel free to use the links I posted to be heard. In doing research I discovered they are actually I-Deal Direct so I am copying the only address I found for them (in Chicago).

    I advise everyone not to do the sites listed here as they are all the same company: http://forums.gratisoffersguide.com/index.php?showtopic=1428

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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    Well I just got took by Deb. I had to send her documentation that I completed Time Life offer and I did and now she is saying because I used my P.O. Box that I am disqualified. When you first put in your address it does not say do not use a P.O. Box. It says it in the terms and conditions but I did not read them before I put in my address. I completed the offers and that $100 gift card is mine. It is not right that they do not send it to me. They need to be shut down.

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    Re: 123 Click - update (long)

    I followed up my initial BBB complaint with a package of at least 100 pages of documentation - emails from Deb, posts from here, posts from FIPG, offer confirmations, and credit card statements proving charges. As of March 29th my account went to approved! I don't know if it was this daunting package of stuff or the fact that I made copies and sent everything to the I-Deal offices in Chicago, IL too.

    The point is if you think you've right fight it! Good luck! :)

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