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    H&R sued over IRAs

    More heat on H&R Block. Last week it was H&R/HSBC's predatory RALs - now they've been sued by Attorney General for the people, Elliot Spitzer from NYC, for thier IRAs. Apparently they have high fees and have shockingly under performed (some less than 1% a year - are you kidding!?)

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    Re: H&R sued over IRAs

    I will never go to H&R block again! Ive had bad experiences with them! Me and my husband got our taxes done there,I went in to fill the forms assist with questions and my husband went in another day' anyways ,since we figured she never told us we were responsible for mailing state ourselves!were out 2,000 dollars.

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    Re: H&R sued over IRAs

    I remember a year ago or two they were sued for using term "instant refund" for what was high rate loan. They are truly one of the scummiest big companies around.

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