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    BEWARE Physicians Heath Group

    Physicians Health group out of Las Vegas, NV is a scam telemarketing room. I know this not only because I used to work there but was also engaged to the owners step daughter. The program they sell is without any vaule and does not save you penny one on health care costs. If you have been ripped off by this company do a charge back thru your credit card company. If you have been trying to reach them on their 800 number and no one will help you call their local number 702.736.2700 hit number 2 for a company listing and choose Richard Hix who owns the place. If enough victims charge back thru their card company you shut this scam down.

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    Re: BEWARE Physicians Heath Group

    So when you worked there and were engaged to the owners daughter it was cool, now that you are out of the picture you come clean and admit it was a scam.

    You make me sick!!!

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