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    New scam? Hiring your company for a job?HELP

    I am a partner in a small entertainment company and we recieved an email with terrible spelling and grammer...He said he was a priest...and his email showed the same title. He started with found your company on internet. Currently in UK planning birthday party for 22yr old son in brooklyn Wanted prices for a DJ. We wrote back asking for more details. We recieved very basic details and address in brooklyn (which later changed) some basic music guidlines...and whatever. We didnt think much of it until we got this email.

    Thanks very much for your mail.I am pleased with your
    > arrangement and price which is $400
    > Payment will be made to you via Cashier's check or
    > U.S.Money Order.If u dont mind,i want you to
    > understand that there are some relations which are
    > coming over for the party from different locations so
    > i want the best of your production.
    > My company in the USA will be issuing u a Cashier's
    > check or Money Order of $4000 in your name, which will
    > include your SERVICE FEE and other travelling
    > expenses,so i will want u cash the Money Order by
    > depositing it in your account till it clears,then
    > remove $400 from it and help me send the balance
    > through Western union money transfer to my travelling
    > agent ,so that he can make arrangement for my
    > travelling and also buy my FLIGHT TICKET.
    > The reson for this is beacuse the Cashier's check or
    > money order will take a long time for it to clear here
    > in UK while it will only take 2-3 days for it to clear
    > overthere.
    > Pls kindly get back to me so that i can be sure you understand
    > my mail and to know If this arrangementis okey by you.
    > Stay Blessed,
    > Frank.
    > NOTE.I promise to compensate you extra $80 for your running
    > expences during these transaction..

    Any one see this before? Ive looked around and saw simular but not one involving business.We have emailed stating that we will speak on the phone concerning this matter and he emailed his contact information....I know we dont do it but what do I do now? AM i mid scam and can help find him in anyway?

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    Re: New scam? Hiring your company for a job?HELP

    Same scam...different approach. Do it and go to jail.

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    Re: New scam? Hiring your company for a job?HELP

    We know that. We are not going through with it AT ALL. Can we help catch ths guy? I am in the middle of contacting him and going backj and forth. WE WILL NOT CASH HIS CHECK AND TRANSFER $ BACK. I am smarter than that I want to know if we can catch him. Ive gotton phone #'s and addressses....what should I do now? Where can I report him?

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