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    :zx11pissed::zx11pissed:MMS RACING ENGINE Reno Nevada. Doug Sharp and Mike Botelho are true work together Scam Artist. They use Karting and Kids to pull off elaborate scams. I had two engines (two month old) needing new pistons and jetting carbs. Doug Said he would go the extra mile and get them to be very competitive. $500 bucks plus parts per engine. Said what is parts going to run? Doug said aroung a couple of hundred. So I sent them to Reno....He has his co Scum Bag guy call me and tell me The Engines are done and please forward $5000 dollars to him. I was outraged and he demanded Wire Tranfer or my kids would not race that next weekend. (rember these engines only cost $1600) that is complete with exhaust pkg etc. Just the engines we are talking about. They pulled one over me. got the engines back and my local Karting dealer said they did not change anything other than the Piston and drilled out the Carb. $30 bucks. I have papers ready for this guy when he touches TEXAS. Just remember you messed with the wrong Texan. I know alot of other people that had this SCAM put on them. BUYER BEWARE OF THESE TWO SCUM BAGS IN NEVADA. Karting World Beware !!! DOUG SHARP is a true CON MEN !!

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    PLEASE NOTE: This person wrote on another website. This is the post I have already written.

    I am a little disappointed that I had to find out about these issues online. I don't get online to talk about these things and if one of my customers has an issue than they should come to me, not speak untruths about me online.
    I will address all three complaints in the same rebuttle. They are written by the same person (one on another website, one on this site) who was a customer of mine in Texas named John Riger. He has never been satisfied even when a bill has been payed for by another company. These false accusations are out of order, and one is an outright lie.
    First of all, I am not a partner or owner of MMS. I don't do any billing, I don't collect any money and I don't quote part prices. The $500 you are speaking of was for the race prep labor not including parts. This labor price is a standard in the industry, some charge less and some charge more but it doesn't vary by much. This customer purchased a brand new motor from us and was his second job purchase from MMS. Retail price on a Leopard is $2700 (check Italian Motors retail pricing) + $500 in labor +200 in parts. Usually new engines after race prep, rebuild carb is $100 in parts (as long as bearings aren't replaced for higher standard item) or customer has other add on items (motor mount, exhaust temp in header, special linkage to the carborator, etc). This would equal to be around the price mentioned. We tried to do the guy a favor because he was unhappy with our two previous Gazelles that we built. We discounted from $3400 to 3200 which included shipping (which was an outragious price because he demanded it be next day air).
    I have many happy customers in Texas racing the series. I am unsure who you spoke to about their $5,000 charge. Gazelles are not $1700, they are $1950 (check High-Rev's website). Actually, if I remember correctly this is the first job we did for you. As you said on the other website, I took your one-month old used Gazelle's that needed piston and jetting carbs. The labor was $500 per motor + parts. Motors needed a complete rebuild, but I do not do the billing. I am unsure of the total cost, but what I do recall is that the motors needed complete rebuilds (bearing, seals, etc. one motor needed a rod kit.) I am sure the motors were a lot of money. The total bill also included next day air, saturday delivery.
    It's illegal to drill out the carbs so I didn't do that as you said on the other site. Considering my motors won many championships in this class, I can't afford to do anything illegal. I am not sure who your "other dealer" is that you mentioned.
    In regards to the report on this site from an author in Southern California, please be sure to know that I don't have any Gazelle customers in Socal. I haven't been to a socal even since the IKF Grands last year and they don't run Gazelle's there. Also, Gazelle's aren't run in socal as far as I know. Third, the typing from that author seems familiar. And finally, I've never seen a $4,000 Gazelle bill. And we certainly wouldn't have said anything about someone's child. The reasoning for the wire transfer was because the credit card wouldn't go through at the shop. We had to wait three days for the payment to come through on the card and then we had to ship next day air. Then he disputed his credit card charge, which in turn the credit card company did not uphold his argument and they payed the bill.
    The dealer the customer is talking about is a longtime motor customer. The dealer has discussed his concerns with Mr. Riger about his inability to pay his bill with them on time and his argumentative nature on every bill and every set price.
    Lastly, Mr. Riger, I just want to remind you of your fourth purchase through MMS. Your motors came to me in pieces from Kart Nation. All of the pistons, headers, carbs, everything came to me all banged up. I called up Kart Nation and discussed this issue with the owner. They did not pack the box correctly and everything was damaged. I discussed this, replaced everything that was damaged with new parts, and sent the bill to Kart Nation. Kart Nation was to pay this bill. The owner was away and the employees did not know the situation and gave Mr. Riger the bill that was for Kart Nation. Mr. Riger did not pay this bill (not even the parts or labor that he agreed to pay for). Kart Nation payed for everything. Then I received a verbally abusive phone call.
    Karting is a sport for family and kids, it's just not a sport for you. I am appauled that you took the time to try to damage and say untrue things about me. I don't speak for Mike Botehlo, but I do speak for myself and my product. You can call me anytime, but I will be in Texas this year if you would like to talk to me about your issues.
    Doug Sharp

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