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    Civil war in Iraq

    I just saw saw on the news that instead of pulling out troops from Iraq, they are sending more troops because of the sectarian violence in Iraq.This is just a thought i have, could it be that this is one of those classic cases such as the reichstag fire. where the shi'a mosque bombings were deliberately executed. and the government set this up so that they could be in Iraq a little while longer to squeeze that extra oil from the land. this is just a thought.comments would be appreciated thanks

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    Re: Civil war in Iraq

    i found this http://www.informationclearinghouse....ticle12360.htm

    and this caught my eye

    " More recently, Iraqi journalist Atwar Bahjat was murdered while reporting on the bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra on February 22 this year. Bahjat was a well known female television reporter working for Bahrain-based Al-Arabiya. She and her news crew, Khalid Mahmoud Al-Falahi and Adnan Khairallah, were interviewing local witnesses who claimed that they had seen what looked like police commandos entering the Mosque prior to the explosion. There were also claims that US military forces had been heavily deployed in the vicinity the previous night.

    Bahjat never got to complete her investigation. She and her news crew were apprehended by what appeared to be commandos, shouting: "We want the anchorwoman." The bodies of Bahjat and her two colleagues were found hours later. They had been shot dead."

    If you have beem following with the news in iraq you shouldve heard about the murdered journalist.

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