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    Design Vacation /Trustresale

    Christmas 2004 we signed a contract with Design Vacation in Arguineguin - Mogan - Las Palmas for holidaypacket
    8000,00 euro for 8 trips and tickets.
    We payed bij creditcard 4000,00 euro and the rest we paid once a month.
    But Back in Holland we tried to book a vacation a couple of times, but it never works out.
    So we stop paying anymore and we get letters that we have to pay.
    After many expansive phonecals and emails they downgraid our membership, that means that what we paid is alright and now its for 4 years instead of 8 years.
    We tried and we tried several times but we couldn't book a holiday without paying for it.
    They say we have to pay for the tickets, but they promised us that the tickets were included with the deal.
    In the end, we booked a vacation in Holland were we come from.
    The trip was to Arguineguin where we went to see Joost and Chuck. We spoke to them about the holidays and tickets they had promised us.
    This time they told us that everything would be fine and that we shouldn't worry because they would give us the tickets and an accomodation in Turkey for 1 week for free. Back in Holland we spoke to them on the phone and this time they told us to pay 804 euros for the meals (all inclusive) while they promised us that it was for free. This is ridiculous because we can book a whole trip for 1153 euros, to the same hotel WITHOUT Design Vacation.
    Everything they prommised again is nothing worth.
    Nou in Holland we made a weblog for the victims.

    Mayby we can do something about this together.

    Sorry for the bad English.
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    Re: Design Vacation /Trustresale

    The link of the weblog is wrong, it has too be

    Hope too see you there
    Greetings Tina

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    Re: Design Vacation /Trustresale

    Hello all

    For several reasons I can write mine story only anonymous.
    We has been a victim of design Vacation since November 2005.
    We bin duped for 2200,00 euro. The day after we had signed, my feelings are not right and so we going for the second time to Arquiguin to ask questions.
    Afterwards we take a taxi to our hotel, I ask the taxi driver about Design Vacation, he was scared and shout in English ďcorrupt , corrupt donít doĒ it!!!
    But that was too late for us because we had already signed the contract.
    When we got back in our hotel we spoke to the hosts of our travel organisation and she recommended us while we still on Gran Canaria to take a lawyer.
    We take a taxi immediately and stepped to the lawyer in Playa Del Ingles who was recommended by our travel organisation.
    After telling him the complete story the lawyer explained us what the possibilities are:

    1: He would write a letter with request to cancel the contract with the request to pay back the money what we payed already.
    2: And if nothing helps the lawyer start a court case to get our right.

    The lawyer costs us another 2200,00 euro together it costs us 4400,00 euro.
    And such as we expects Design Vacation donít react to the written letter of the lawyer.
    We give the lawyer authorisation for a case against Design Vacation and Trustresale to cancel the contract and refund the 2200,00 euro and also the costs of the lawyer 2200,00 euro.
    The case was on 03/05/2006, in Spain, the lawyer came in November 2006 with a releasing report that we have won the case but that Design Vacation and Trustresale had 20 days time to go in appeal, but they didnít do that.

    But now Design Vacation deny that they have established on Gran Canaria but has established in Gibraltar.
    Trustresale wont take the documents (pronouncement) of the court (the both parties Design Vacation and Trustresale has the do that)
    The documents must be delivered personally by the court or lawyer, so our lawyer has a problem and look for a solution.
    So we must wait patiently for the money what they taken from us.
    This can take a long time(again)!!!!!!
    Perhaps is there somebody who can help us with some prove that Design Vacation really have established on Gran Canaria, but that has to be on paper black and white.

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