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    Re: Is Studio Traffic Gone??????

    Quote Originally Posted by scambuster
    Yep. Coulda told you all this a year ago.
    Before Studiotraffic finally disappeared it was offering shares at I believe $50
    each with projections of quarterly profits shareholder meetings etc.
    I would like to know if anbody took up their offer.?
    The only method of payment was via Egold .That I think tells all
    The money in the studiopay system could not be utilised (probably none there )
    As for the change of IP ,well that is so devious if true ,that as some smarter person than I pointed out why would you want to look up somebody that disappeared with your money and left no forwarding address
    Other than to sue them that is!

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    Re: Is Studio Traffic Gone??????

    I heard quite a few ppl invested in their so called shares.
    Why would ppl want to invest in a dying company...

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