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    Lean Life PM

    undefinedI did one of those "do the surveys, get $500 gift card". When all was said and done I had to purchase several products and wound up giving up. But the fool that I am, I whipped out the old credit card to pay $1.99 shipping/handling for Lean Life PM a 7 day trial. At the bottom of the page is a tiny little link for "terms and conditions" that I didn't see and wasn't advised anywhere that I must read. In those terms and conditions it states that unless you cancel within 14 days they will auto-ship Lean Life PM to you and charge you $99.90. They will continue to ship Lean Life PM to you until you cancel. I emailed every single email address on the web site trying to get my money back. All the Lean Life PM addresses "auto-replied" and directed me to call (909)930-3907 for customer service. I did this and got a recording asking me to leave name, number and message. I did this 10 days ago and every day since and have received no call back. I have had to cancel my credit card to keep them from billing me. There are other web sites that list hundreds of other people with much the same experience. :eek: Buyer beware, do your research first. Lean Life PM is a scam.

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    Re: Lean Life PM

    well, those conditions are pretty standard for these offers. i presume you didnt cancel within 14 days, which is how they make their money.

    you learned the hard way that you MUST READ the Terms of Service.

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    Re: Lean Life PM

    Lean Life PM sends you multiple auto-replies when you try to cancel through e-mail. If you follow along with each one eventually you get one with a link that you can use to cancel online.

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    Re: Lean Life PM

    Is time to cancel your credit card, you will never get a hold of that company, they scam 90% of buyers. I've only read of a handful having success and cancel on time to avoid the autoship.

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