Dear PlexPay member

Last week we got the newsletter service operating again, and as a result, we’ve received feedback from some members with enquiries regarding our strategy and the inside story on what has happened.

We have decided to share this information with all of you in this newsletter. Some of you may have received parts of this information earlier, but now, at least, you’ll get the full picture.

1. What have been seized?
The police have seized all of the company’s computer equipment. This means that we are at this time unable to have the company webpages operating. We are working hard to get the equipment released, so that the members can monitor their accounts and earnings. The police have also seized the company’s banking accounts, where considerable amounts of money are frozen until further notice. The PlexPay management and our lawyers are working to have the seizure ruling turned.

2. Indictments
Numerous PlexPay employees and owners have been indicted with false charges, among these, our former President, Frode Jørgensen. The prosecutor’s office claims that there have been counts of embezzlement and fraud. The management have in their possession documents to contradict these accusations, rendering the charges incomprehensible to us.

Our former President, Mr. Frode Jørgensen has been incarcerated in isolation for four weeks, and is marked by this endeavour. Nevertheless, he is working alongside the management team to gain control of the situation.

3. Wrongful information
We know that there are many rumours out there, which is a shame, as they only lead to frustration and heartache. No Official PlexPay news or information will ever be published in forums, newsgroups or the media. We have read suggestions that there are backups of the company software out there, which is NOT TRUE. The police have seized all of the company possessions, including hardware, software and paperwork. Until this is released, no PlexPay services will be operating.

4 Investments and documentation
The police have publicly claimed that none of the member funds have been invested in any form, even though they have among the seized goods a complete list of all the investments made. We are currently producing a complete list ourselves, and this will completely undermine the fraud charges, and exonerate the company.

5. The Money
Many members have e-mailed questions regarding fund withdrawal and whether or not their money is safe. Your money is safe; it is still in police custody. Because of that we are unable to invest the money in new investments, which in turn makes us unable to pay returns at the moment. All existing investments are running as usual, and when this ordeal is over, all the accounts will be updated. In short: No need to worry.

6. Loyal Bank
We recommend that you comply with the demands that Loyal Bank set, in order to access your bank accounts again. We will also send the necessary documentation to speed things up. We find Loyal Bank’s procedures and actions in this case unacceptable. But we also understand that they have taken precautions. They too only had the internet rumours as their information channel.

We contacted the Marketing Director of Loyal Bank, and he confirmed that the e-mail you received from them is real. Their goal is to go through all transactions made by the customers signed up through PlexPay and reopen them. The 3000 members whose accounts are unfunded, need not aswer.

7. Onwards
We are doing everything we can to ensure that things will be up and running again. This is a painstaking task, and mostly done through our attorneys. Our premiere goal is to ensure that the members do not suffer losses in the process.

Hopefully we have your support and understanding, and we would like to thank those of you are helping out, backing us up.

We also hope you understand why can’t answer individual enquiries, as this would consume most of our time, leaving little or none left to handle the issues at hand.

Rest assured, we have experts working on this, taking every precation.

You will receive more information later this week.

With kind regards,
Plexpay Network Management