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    How Zio-Nazis Pull The Wool Over Sheeple's Eyes

    Al-Qaeda is a Zionist myth created using Arab refugees in Afghanistan.

    CIA Zionist Archibald Roosevelt recommended the creation of Arab mercenaries. They recruited them to go to Afghanistan to fight the Russians--they did not, the Afghans did. The Arabs were stuck in Afghanistan. Their home countries refused to take them back. Scam accomplished.

    Fairy tales have since filled the media about dangerous jihadis and terrorists, complete with videos of men in black on monkey bars. It is easy to invent stories about men in limbo.

    The Arab refugees in Afghanistan who ended up in Guantanamo have nothing to do with terrorism.

    The Zionist mob plans and executes most terrorism. They create Arab patsies out of thin air.

    Israelis regularly impersonate "Palestinian gunmen" and stage "suicide bombings

    Indicted criminal Abramoff hosted Israelis who made believe that Arab terrorists were in America just before 9/11. The problem is that no bodies of Arabs were found at any of the four 9/11 airplane crash sites.

    The Mossad was not watching Arab suspects before 9/11. The Mossad was the Arab suspects.

    Sometimes the Mossad does it even better. They arrange it so that Arab clerics cooperate with the Mossad by threatening to launch "suicide bombings" or by "claiming responsibility" for Mossad-staged bombings.

    When Marines are ambushed in Iraq, is it Iraqi resistance fighters or Israeli contractors?

    You get the picture.


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    Re: How Zio-Nazis Pull The Wool Over Sheeple's Eyes

    just so i understand fully what you are saying, are you trying to tell us that the grandson of former President Teddy Roosevelt came up with this all this AND didnt care that the public would know it was his idea. So he didnt mind that the entire country would consider his actions to be treasonous and crims against his own nation???

    99% of the country beleives these mercenary turned "terrorists" to be their greatest enemy and biggest threat to their security. He if came up with the idea to further the Zio-Nazi (ahahah) agenda, and we know about it, that is one HUGE intelligence leak.

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