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    the e-capital scam

    this crew from east europe specialises in baiting with promises of large and unrealistic monthly commission and send fake checks to you for cashing.I received 2 from them and subsequently, discovered that it was fake.Do not fall for their scam please anyone.

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    Re: the e-capital scam

    Yes, e-capital is a scam. Also, www.amaliahome.org and www.adriahome.org.

    Attention everyone: Do not attempt to cash any cashier's checks sent from these people, they are counterfeit! DO NOT DO SO FROM ANY COMPANY, there are many operations out there, some of the names are actual real company names but it is a fraudster posing as the real company.

    Federal Regulations allow banks to clear items in a matter of 1-2 days WITHOUT verification. So if the money clears, it doesn't mean it's real. It will bounce back 10-14 days later as COUNTERFEIT. The routing number copied is real but the bank on the cashier's checks DO NOT EXIST. Recently, a 19 year old in Nevada tried cashing it at a check cashing store whom verify it on the spot and she was arrested on the spot. Beware, and tell everyone you know not to accept job offers involving depositing or cashing cashier's checks, they are counterfeit, no matter how real the company etc. seems.

    Contact: [email protected] if you've been propositioned for a job to cash or deposit cashier's checks.

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    Re: the e-capital scam

    Can someone give more detailed information on these companies? I have a blog about wah scams and I looked at the links above and the jobs listed. I don't understand why they are sending checks? What is the reasoning they give behind sending you checks?

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    Re: the e-capital scam

    These websites are purely a work of deceptive art and have absolutely no truth of existence. They are the source of phony job offers for Donation Coordinators through career websites to receive, cash/deposit their cashier’s check donations to be wired back to them because banking in their country takes months for the items to clear. The cashier’s checks they send through U.S. Postal Mail and other means are counterfeit.

    Beware, be very aware!

    www.peopleschronicle.org www.webnetpresence.org

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