View Poll Results: Worry or NOT (Formosan Termites) New Orleans mulch?

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  • use baged mulch from Lowes & Home Depot ect....

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  • look for Termites

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  • Don't Worry, mother nature will take care of it!

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  • Don't use MULCH at all.

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    Mulch coming from New Orleans? Does anyone know or has anyone heard about this termites? You know with all the down trees and dirt removal from New Orleans mulch this year should be cheap, should we beware? Lowes & Home Depot bagged mulch, and anything like that, could make for a problem? Has anyone heard? :confused:

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    Re: Mulch coming from New Orleans?

    Call your state extension service.

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    Re: Mulch coming from New Orleans?

    Generally most bagged mulches are treated to prevent "premature" rotting. This treatment process is going to prevent much in the way of insects. Also keep in mind that while there is potential in most wood for the colonization of termites they're not gonna be really productive in a bag of mulch.

    Personally I would be more concerned about fire ants.

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