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    Another 'Used Car' Shipping Scam

    The following is posted here in order to help those who are suspicious of e-mails of this type and who might be googling to see if it is a scam. It as a near identical copy of many of the other similar shipping scams, centred around used cars. The origin of this scam e-mail was - LAGOS, NIGERIA.


    gregnewman001 has seen you ad
    and would like to ask you a question.

    This is what gregnewman001 wants to ask you:

    Hello,if this auction for a with all these features,then have got to ask you this before i can proceed.Actually,i like your car so much and am interested in buying it,but i want to be sure all parts and features are in good working condition.If not please let me know where or which exactly is not functioning.Also is there a minimum price for this car?If so i`ll gladly appreciate your response.Please let me hear from you as soon as you can.Also is the car also taxed,if so,until when and What groups insurance is it?
    Thanks and regards,




    Thanks for the prompt reply,i greatly appreciate your honesty.So i
    shall arrange on how to send you payment as soon as i can,so please bear it
    in mind that am making a purchase for the car,ok. However,i may have to
    contact my shipper in the to get set for the pick up of the car as soon
    as you receive your funds because i may have to leave for a conference
    in Ireland any moment from now.If you`ld like to know,i own a car hire
    service here in the UK and i have had an old model of this same car
    which served me well to my satisfaction that`s why am seriously interested
    in buying it quickly! before someone else grab it.Though i reside here
    in the UK,but got a conference to attend this weekend and will last for
    2weeks glad if you let me have your phone number so that i can give you a call.



    Thanks for the phone number though am yet to give you a call to be sure i can get in touch with you on phone because as it is now i may have to send you an overdraft which will include my shippers fees as well.Am doing this bacause am away to Ireland for my conference as i said before and my shipper has requested for an upfront to be sent to him before he can pick the car up from your place.Anyway,i guess can expalin this better to you on phone.thanks again,and am still very much interested in
    buying the car.

    P.S:in the main time i`ll require that you send me your full information (name and contact address)so that i can contact my bank with it before sending you a cheque.
    Best regards and i await your response,


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    Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    All my enquiries reveal that the following site is a Fraud site setup to lure online buyers of used cars into a sense of trust
    the site URL is http://www.euro-autotransport.com
    If you want to see the real site that this was lifted from go to
    http://www.svgverhuizingen.nl which is a REAL company
    I have reported the site to Verisign because their symbol is being used.
    The phone number listed on the site isnt connected, The address belongs to another business and the ISO9001 certificate is a bogus according to ISOQAR who issue such certificates.
    SO BEWARE of lodging money with this site as an escrow company.

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    I've just spent the past week trying to be scammed by this site and after reading this post feel so relieved that I went with my gut feeling!

    I was searching for a car on www.drive.com.au and came across a deal too good to be true - a 2003 Holden Astra TS convertible for $7600 (value: $35000 approx.) registered in Australia until Nov 2006. On a whim I emailed with questions thinking I could just check it out in Sydney.

    I got a reply saying that the car was in Greece and he had moved there a month earlier and the police said he had to send the car back to Australia. He said he would pay for shipping and all I had to do was send 50% of the price to a third party through western union.

    I asked for the details of the car - the VIN number engine number etc - and the seller - 'Steven Rolfe' said he had already dropped the car off at the shipping company because there was another buyer - but he didnt come through with a loan. He had given all the paperwork of the car to the shipping company. I contacted the shipping comany - Euromovers - and they said all they could give me was the reg number and I would have to ask the seller for the information.

    I was told to send the money to:
    Robin Rudel
    173 Poseidonos Ave.

    but I had to email the company with the receipt number of the Western Union transfer.

    Steve Rolfes apparent contact details were:
    Steve Rolfe
    143 Sapfous Street

    I contacted businesses in the same building as their 'company' headquarters, and none of them had any knowledge of this company. When I emailed Steve and the company questioning this and stating it may be a fraud I received the following email off steve:

    Date: Thu 1 Jun 01:34:39 EST 2006
    From: Steve R Add To Address Book


    I don't know what is your problem , I don't know anything about the company's office from UK but I know that you are an idiot and you want to waste my time.Sorry for being rude but I don't understand you.Have you never close a deal online?

    I will take as a joke the thing with the police.Or, if you are serious with this, you can contact all police you want and told them that you are not a serious man.


    No, I was not wasting your time. I was interested. I am not an idiot, I just have a lot of common sense and business accumen.

    Yes, I have made many purchases online. All of them have been successful, mainly because they provided all the information required and I knew what I was getting.

    Have you ever bought/sold a car? If you have, you would understand the need for a buyer to check the vehicle VIN number/Chassis number and engine number. This is very important. Not only could you not provide me with these details, the company refused to give them to me also, stating I had to ask you. Noone would give me an answer.

    Just because a company has an email address DOES NOT mean they exist. Only a gullible person would believe this without questioning. The address of the Head office in the UK did not check out with local businesses. If the Head Office does not exist (which is where all the emails go through when you send through the website) why should a person believe that the Greece location is not fraudulant?

    Why is it so difficult to provide phone numbers for confirmation? How am I an idiot for not believing everything online? I think it is you that is ignorant and somewhat idiodic for just handing your car over without keeping any information.

    You kept changing the reason for selling the car. First you said you moved to Greece one month ago and noone wanted to buy it. Then you said the police in Greece told you you had to send it back to Australia. Its not illegal to keep a car.

    Then you sent questionable photos. Why would you try and sell the car at a dealership in Australia (with different number plates) and then ship it to Greece? Why wouldn't you just arrange to sell it for the higher price with the dealer?

    Why did you leave it registered in Australia? Why wouldnt you cash out the remainder of the registration? It sounds stupid not to do so.

    If you are involved in this fraud than I would suggest you give up and rot in hell. The grammar and articulation in both the emails from yourself and the company were often identical. This leads one to question if you were writing the emails from the company. Poor wording of sentences were an exact match in many of the emails. Questions were often unanswered, leading to much frustration and suspicion. I have kept all correspondence.

    If you are not involved in a fraud, I would suggest you become educated in the process of buying a car and be more cooperative and polite with your customers in the future, including providing them with the required information (especially the fact we have to pay GST for buying your car from Greece when it arrives in Australia, a fact you left out).

    In any case, this will be reported to the Department of Fair Trading, Customs and the appropriate police departments in Australia, UK and Greece for further investigation. So unfortunately, there is a possibility of further delay for your sale.

    If you just answered my questions reasonably there would be no problems and the transaction would already be complete.

    Not surprisingly, I have not got a response from Steve or Euromovers.
    Last edited by elw01; 06-01-2006 at 05:16 PM.

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    Just got a reply - this guy wont let up.

    Hi again,

    Sorry for being rude in my previous e-mail but you make me boil over.
    Hope that those numbers will make you to roll-over.

    vin number: W0LOTGF674B001420
    engine number: Z22SE112269562

    Hope you are not resent by my words from the previous e-mail and I ween we can go ahead with this deal.Sorry again.

    Have a nice day!

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    why would he give you a VIN number he stole from a CARFAX or other auction/craiglist/yahoo auction be any indication that its legit?

    Look on Ebay. VIN numbers for the taking(copying)

    which is what he did;
    Last edited by Wizywyg; 06-02-2006 at 04:58 AM.

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    I decided to see what response I would get by notifying the respective owners of various businesses associataed with the scam. First I sent Verisign and email because the scam site has the Verisign tick on it NO RESPONSE
    I sent one to the real EUROMOVERS head office...NO RESPONSE
    I sent an email to the NL company from which the scam site was lifted NO response
    So in future DO NOT trust the anything that has Verisign tick cos Verisign dont care what is real or not

    I guess the old adage if it sounds to cheap it probably is NO ONE gives away a vehicle if it is a genuine sale

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site


    I was nearly abouth to make a deal with this f... guy and he sent me an bank account number from him. can this anyone help to find this person and get him down???

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    Happend to me too just yet, when trying to purchase a car.
    Sent me to: www.road-movers.com

    After a short google I found more of them:

    Watch out.

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    dont be afraid to include the whois information on these domains here. That way, when one does a google search, they can see that the site is a scam, since its found here

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    Re: Scam Involving Bogus Euromovers Site

    www.car-movers.com has been removed from the site I contacted the host company ev1servers.net and explained the situation and very promptly the site was disabled. Glad to see some companies car about intergrity unlike Verisign who still havent seen fit to respond to my information of unlawful use of their symbol.
    One thing of the 3 sites you listed two of them are the bogus comapny but http://euromovers.com/ is the original genuine company. They informed me that the police were looking into this problem of abuse of their site. Obviously the Police arent too interested
    Last edited by oz4me; 08-13-2006 at 06:50 AM. Reason: additional info

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    Re: Another 'Used Car' Shipping Scam

    Whether you're searching for a used car sales or researching financing options on a vehicle, our friendly, professional staff is ready to provide you with all the help you need. We offer specials and incentives just for online customers.

    Just call or email us if you have any questions regarding a purchase or our site information. We're here to make your shopping experience pleasant and hassle-free. Visit http://www.aviscarsales.com

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    Re: Another 'Used Car' Shipping Scam Slovakia

    www.car-shippers-global.com FRAUD

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    no risk

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