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    I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    I finished dineoutfreetoday.com back in May and they claimed I never sent in my form. I did (obviously) and even sent them my stamps.com print out. They claimed I made it up ... addresses, costs, delivery confirmations, and all. :rolleyes: I filed a complaint with the BBB about it but eventually gave up.

    So...fast forward to January and I do my 6 offers on shoppingspree4free.com for a $250 Home Depot card. I had no idea it was another 123 click site. Believe me, if I had known... :eek:

    Four of the six went approved. I waited 30 days and emailed for credit, no response. I wait until it's 45 days out and email again, nothing. Yes, you have to finish the site in 60 so I'm looking at March 10 or I'm SOL. I have called them every day since but no one picks up the phone or calls back. I have also sent emails through the contact page and to the person I dealt with on dineout (Deb). No responses at all.

    I have filed another complaint with the BBB and tomorrow am calling the Attorney General. Please post/PM as much info as possible if you have had a negative experience with them. $25 is one thing but $250 is too much not to fight for.


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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    I was ripped off by them too! I'm reporting them to the BBB and Attorney General in Pennsylvania, I was just working on my letter yesterday. I'll copy and paste what happened to me with them. I posted this previously in this thread about 50dollargiftcard.com, another one of their sites. Here is the link to that thread:



    Well, this company is horrible to deal with. See my above postings to see what I have been going through the past 7 weeks with these people. I have emailed them via their contact link 6 times, sent them a letter with delivery confirmation that they received with all the print outs and a letter stating my problem/confirmations/screenshots of previous emails and tried to call them at their number from the regular 123click website about 20 times. No one ever responded to the letter and they never picked up their phone once.

    So finally they answer the last email that I sent to them via their contact link. This just isn't right. I fulfilled the offer. They never sent the email with the redemption link and they never answered the letter or any of my other attempts to contact them via their contact us webform.

    On 1/9, I finally get an email from "Deb". This is what it says:
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Deb"
    Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 1:54 PM
    Subject: RE: Response from the 50DollarGiftCard.com website

    > As per the and conditions, you must create and print your redemption
    > certificate and mail it to us within 15 days of approval. Your account was
    > approved on November 30, 2005. We are not responsible for filtered or
    > deleted email. However, if you had contacted us within that 30 day time
    > frame we would have been able to address the issue. However, due to the fact
    > that so much time has passed, the account is now expired. All of our offers
    > are time-frame specific, which is why we state the time frame requirements
    > in our and conditions.
    > Thank you,
    > Deb
    > 123 Click

    This is outrageous! The email was not deleted or filtered. I check my email after 20 minutes as I do business on the internet as well. I even called my ISP(adelphia) on the phone to verify that there are no spam or other filters on my email and they checked for me. There aren't any. Then they conveniently answer only last email and try to pull this bull on me about 30 days passing and now they just can't do a thing for me. I have been trying to contact them since the 2nd day the email didn't come, with every means of communication that I could (letters, emails, phone calls).

    So I reply back to "Deb" with the following email:

    Dear Deb,

    I did contact you within 30 days, this was actually the 6th time I have
    emailed your company, plus I have sent a letter with all my documents
    explaining that the redemption link email did not arrive, plus screenshots to your company with
    delivery confirmation tracking and according the www.usps.com site, it was
    received. Please check your other messages, perhaps you just haven't gotten
    to the older ones yet. Please send another copy of the redemption link to
    me so I can redeem for my gift card. I can furnish you with copies of the
    delivery confirmation, I sent this paperwork to you on December 27, after
    not receiving an answer from your company via this contact link after I
    sent 5 messages, starting with the 2nd day after the account was approved.
    I mailed all the documents to :

    123 Click Inc.
    $50 Gift Card Redemption Center
    PO Box 5225
    Harrisburg, PA 17110-0225

    And it was received, according to the postal service. I have never
    received a response to the letter as of yet. Perhaps you can check on this
    for me. I have also tried to call 123 Click about 20 times and no one ever
    picks up the phone when I dial the number found on your administrative
    website: tel: 866-273-8090. When I called the local consumer advocate
    agency and told them that I'd been unable to receive a response via email
    or phone, they suggested sending your company a letter, and putting tracking
    on it, so I can make sure it was delivered. It was delivered according to
    the postal service, so please send a new redemption form.

    Thank you,

    Deb sends a reply to me:

    > I'd be happy to look into this for you. What is the tracking id for the
    > shipment of your documentation?
    > Thanks,
    > Deb
    > 123 Click

    I responded to Deb's request by providing the tracking number for the letter from the USPS.com website where it gives the date and time of delivery. And now it has been another 2 weeks with no reply, response, or redemption link. I'm going to attempt to make contact with them one more time and then report them to the Pennsylvania Attorney General and BBB.

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    That's funny that she replied to you while I've emailed and called countless times and she's blown me off. I bet she remembers me from the dineoutfreetoday fiasco. :rolleyes:

    I have sent a complaint in on shoppingspree4free to the BBB. The contact from last time was [email protected] if you want to email him/her as well.

    There's no way I'm going to get approved by 3/10 so I'm definitely going to contact the Attorney General about this. Seems "Deb" is the one and only employee!

    Thanks for the info and good luck!

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    Yes, yes & yes! I too think "Deb" is the only customer service person for all their sites. Anyway, I did have good luck with this company. I completed dineoutforfree, eatfreeandbemerry, 50dollargiftcard, etc. Then this past year I was taken by them on lingerie4free & freegrocerycard. With the grocery card site at 30 days after sign up one of my offers hadn't completed. So I faxed (per their request) proof of the completion. I e-mailed numerous times to no avail. No response, no gift card, nothing. With the lingerie4free offer I completed my offer & mailed in my redemption form well within the timeframe needed to get my gift. Yet, they never sent the card & when I signed in to my account they said they were denying my card b/c I had used a different e-mail acct. on one of their other sites previously. Never mind the fact that that e-mail address was now defunct & I had never earned a gift as a result of using that first e-mail address. So I believe they will do whatever possible to deny you your gift. I hope you have good luck with your efforts to get the prize you are entitled to. Keep us posted.

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    Actually, I've emailed "Deb" about 12 times total and she's only responded that one time. It really makes me mad! They don't answer their emails, phone, or letters. They make it literally impossible to reach them so they don't have to give you the gift. Deb waited 30 days to answer my email, then told me that my offer is now expired! That just isn't right. Its only $50, but I won't give up because it is a terrible company. They received the money for the offer I did and won't give me the gift card I earned.

    I hope you get the $250 you earned. I have a feeling that Deb is the only employee too!

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    Slightly off topic, but I signed up for the Stamps and Real One SuperPass for 50dollargiftcard a week ago, and both were never approved. (Yep, I did two offers just in case.)

    However, it's showing me as approved for BocaJava, an offer I never did. Heh.

    $100 Gas card - Your Gift Cards - 1/1 Recieved (Visa) - 07-24-06
    $50 Gift Card - The Useful - 1/1 Recieved ($75) - 03-27-06
    $50 Walmart Gift Card - 50DollarGiftCard - 1/1 Recieved - 04-03-06
    Xbox 360 - Gadget City - 4/4 Received ($300 gift card) - 05-01-06
    42" Plasma - Every Free Gift - 6/6 Recieved ($1000 check) - 07-06-06
    TIVO+Samsung 30" HDTV - Must Have Free Gifts - 3/3 Recieved ($950 check) - 12-08-06

    Cheap Lunch Total: $2475

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    Well, I have filed my complaint with the PA Attorney General and I just emailed Deb through the contact page as well as her email address that I did so and it would be great if she's respond so we can put this to rest. Unfortunately, she's busy messing up Bob's account so I don't think I'll hear back. She gives free sites such a bad name!

    As I'm typing this I get an email from Deb! How am I supposed to get this information to her before my site expires? I guess I'll express mail it tonight.

    Unfortunately, we do not have your confirmation on file for those items While this may not be your fault, in order to receive your free gift, we still need to verify that you did in fact complete those sponsored offers through our site.
    Through the US Mail, please send:

    1. The confirmation email, complete with the header of the email that
    you received from the sponsor company which includes your account number and signup date
    2. A copy of your paper credit card statement showing proof of
    purchase, verifying dates and your name and address.
    3. A copy of the latest utility bill confirming your name and address

    Please be sure that you include these three requirements for all necessary offer confirmations. We want to verify that you did in fact sign up for the offer by clicking on it directly through the final page of our site. As soon as we receive your applicable response, we can mail your free gift!

    Please mail to:
    123 Click, Inc
    P.O. Box 5225
    Harrisburg, PA 17110

    Thank you,
    123 Click

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 3:35 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Response from the ShoppingSpree4Free.com website

    Site Name $250 Gift Card
    Site Domain ShoppingSpree4Free.com
    Item My question was not found here
    Action em
    ************************************************** *

    Just to cover all bases - I have submitted my complaint to the Bureau of Consumer Protection. It'd really be great if you would respond and make this right. - Cindy
    Last edited by whimseys; 03-07-2006 at 10:45 PM.

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    Read from bottom to top...

    You have not! This is the first email I have gotten from you. I do not have a spam folder and I am quite familiar with your email address so please don't lie and say you've sent emails when you have not.

    The sponsors know I completed the offers. In RI there is a law that states if you buy tobacco online you must send your license and proof of birth to them. I was on the phone with Thompson Cigar three times about this. They are very aware this offer was completed. They even called after shipment and asked if my husband enjoyed the cigars for all the trouble I went through to get them.

    Time Life also knows I completed the offer as I purchased an additional CD and then had a nice conversation with the rep about my kids.

    Stop lying!

    I will express mail this information to you with tracking tonight and I FULLY expect to receive this gift certificate.

    You give free sites such a bad name. I am appalled at your audacity.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Deb [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 3:48 PM
    Subject: RE: Response from the ShoppingSpree4Free.com website

    We are attempting to dispute the offers with the sponsor companies. We cannot use emailed documentation. This is because people have falsified email documents in the past. You still would have to provide us with the credit card statements and the proof of residency that we requested. We have been responding to you since February 13th requesting this documentation.

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 3:44 PM
    To: 'Deb'
    Subject: RE: Response from the ShoppingSpree4Free.com website

    I have emailed you this information many times! There is no way I can send these things to you via snail mail and have them reach you before my 60 days is up. I have been trying to get a response from you for weeks! The BBB complaint and the Attorney General have already been contacted. I suggest you look back through the MANY emails I have sent you and find the confirmation and approve my account before this goes any further.

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    Re: I'm curious how many people got ripped by 123 click?

    PA Attorney General

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