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Thread: free cash scam

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    free cash scam

    As many of you know there are many scams out there. But why is it that gov'ts and law enforcement agencies not crack down on these sites that blatenly lie to bring people in. Take the most recent site that i went to Globalfreecash.com , that claims that if u sign up with them n visit their partners site you will get free cash. Bull all the partners sites are selling stuff n the only way to get your free money from globalfreecash is to purchase the products. So even though i visited a dozen or more of their partners sites I got no money because I didnt buy anything. Not free cash if i have to buy something. So avoid this site at all costs its a scam thers no free cash if u have to pay. their service is free but not the cash

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    Re: free cash scam

    Most things to make money require a investment. You have to expect to invest money first.

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