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    gold winning international

    this one, i love!
    its the most rediculous scam i've seen in a while.

    gold winning international
    case postale 277
    5500 ag veldhoven
    the netherlands

    the letter starts with the standard: "we really have to hurry because you only have 24 hours. 24 hours to cash in this 164,700 cheque!"
    at the top left of the page is a picture of a cheque for 164,700. ive cashed many a cheque in my time, but never a picture of a cheque. what am i to do with it cut it out and take it to my bank and insist that they cash it. "they said i only had 24 hours! cash it, do it now!". but i'm going to leave that as a last resort.

    the basic theme for thr next two pages is, "think of all the wonderful things you can do with this money. you must be retarded if your not tripping over your own feet desperatly trying to get to the post box with your reply."
    and this one is a real quote, "think of it this way: do you even have the right to refuse such an offer? what about the people you care for? how would they feel if you missed an opportunity like this?"
    i can imagine the scene, children in rags sit, tears run down their cheeks.
    "oh daddy why were you such a fool? how could you do this to us? you had no right throwing that letter in the bin. now we will never get an education, new clothes or a hot tub, not even a pony that i would call biscuits and ride across the grounds of our palace, that we would have been able to afford. but you through it all away! dont even look at me!"

    the letter goes on to say that you will pay nothing, nothing at all, its free, totally free, oh my god not one penny! accept 15 aministration charges. but thats refundable apparently for 365 days, if you so wish. bonus!

    now when will they send me that cheque in the post? hang on a minute, of course they have to send me my personal file first.......personal file.......presonal file.........personal file?? what's in this "personal file" i wonder? nowhere in the whole of this letter does it explain anything about the file. i think i know whats in this file though. its a cardboard cut out of a gun and a peice of paper that reads

    1. enter bank
    2. brandish weapon provided
    3. repeat pharse "give me 164,700!"

    i think the part that probably made me laugh the least was the words in bold red writing that stated that the 164,700 was "the key to your future happiness".

    i could say a great deal more on the subject of this particular mail scam but i'll stop there.for more details on this scam visit:


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    Re: gold winning international

    why bother to write all this, it :sun_smiley:is obviously a scam

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