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    Rosneft Oil in Russia??


    Rosneft Oil in Russia??

    Has anyone heard of this???. I received a letter from the president of this company, his name is Sergey Bogdanchikov.

    They offered me a position as a Collection Agent. I would collect funds from their customers here and in Canada. Upon reviewing their website, I don't see where they even have any business dealings in either country.

    Also, I question why a company of this supposed stature would have to employ individuals in the states to do their collections from accounts here and in Canada.

    Upon researching the penalties for money laundering, (and they are STIFF), this is my biggest concern. Can anyone tell me if this is legit?

    Following is the letter they sent me..

    Dear Friend,

    Rosneft Oil Company is an incorporated company having its
    registered office in Russia.Over a period of 10 years, Rosneft has
    become one of the leading Russian oil companies, and will soon
    play a significant role in the global energy market.Rosneft
    currently comprises over 40 subsidiaries located in almost all of
    Russia’s regions,and United Kingdom although our main strategic
    regions are
    the North-West, Siberia, the Far East and the South of European
    Rosneft ranks first amongst all Russian oil companies in terms
    of profits and investments per ton of raw materials extracted,
    and is in the top three in terms of total production volumes.

    Rosneft is focusing on a long-term strategic development
    program, supported by its professional, motivated employees and its
    relations with foreign and domestic Companies and
    Representative.Taking into account the experience of the world’s major fuel
    companies, Rosneft has been continually diversifying its
    activities all over the world.

    International partnership and giving collection agent and
    representatives opportunities in the north America allows the
    company to realize additional profits and prove its strategic and
    financial stability,The company’s future plans involve the
    implementation of major Representative teams all over the world.

    Potential consumers of the company’s products are the
    countries of Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Mutually
    beneficial partnerships, and cooperation with international
    representatives and corporations with interests in Rosneft's Customer
    services are therefore essential. The hiring of agents and
    representatives responsible for the collection of payments and debts
    from our customers over the world is one of Rosneft’s
    strategic targets.

    Rosneft’s policy is aimed at creating a highly honest and
    self-motivated representative team and developing a positive
    corporate culture. The company tries to attract promising
    agents,partners and representatives and ensure that its financial
    stability is realized

    Rosneft has been transformed into a new business structure as
    a result of its quality agents,representatives and partners in
    2005. Steady growth and the production and financial success
    achieved in previous years have allowed Rosneft to increase its
    number of
    agents,representatives and partner needed for 2006 and become
    one of the world's leading companies hiring representatives in
    North America.

    When you join Rosneft representative team you will be embarking
    on a
    truly innovative earning opportunity based on sound business
    practices. You will be introducing recognized methods of payments
    to customers that you deal with every day. And, while you enjoy
    building quality relationships and enjoying the financial
    rewards, your family will benefit too from our 2006 representative

    Whatever circumstances that attracted you to this opportunity,
    one thing is certain, there are many other people just like you.
    No matter what you do for a living - whether you are a teacher,
    a doctor, a lawyer, a secretary, housewife or construction
    worker - do you find yourself thinking, "there must be a better way,
    a less complicated way, a smoother road" - the opportunity to be
    Rosneft agent,Representative and partner can be the answer for
    you to earn more.

    If you are interested in working with Rosneft as a collection
    or representative send the following personal information of

    Please,note that before you can be accepted you will have to
    Rosneft deed of agreement and obtain power of attorney from
    Rosneft's Attorney,to give your transactions with us a legal

    We look forward having you as our representative in the
    future, and hope you will find your Partnership with Rosneft Oil
    Company a rewarding experience.


    Sergey Bogdanchikov
    Rosneft President


    My thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

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    Re: Rosneft Oil in Russia??

    This scam is still being attempted in 2008.

    Is bogus. Is actually a Lagos Nigeria guy named John Oluwole. He owns a liquor store in Ikeja Lagos nigeria. Tell him to pound salt

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