I think my Dad has been scammed. He received a letter saying he'd won a prize, but he would have to pay to receive art items (paintings/sculptures). He was told convincingly (by a person claiming to be a Richard Kramer) that these items were worth considerably more than he was paying and the company Gallery Originals (based in Montreal, Quebec) would if he wanted sell them for him at a Trade Fair in Germany, take a commission and give him the rest (which would be thousands of pounds). I'm not sure exactly how much money he has parted with but he has received 2 paintings and one sculpture but his latest 'prize' was a painting he would pay 1500 for, which he sent the cheque for in November, but has since heard nothing. My Dad being the trusting person that he is, thinks they must have gone bust and asked my advice on getting his 1500 back. But, since I am studying Scots law, I went on the Internet to try and find out about the company first and then to check out the situation in Canada on companies in liquidation etc. The only thing I came across was a scam forum posting about Gallery Originals, but the thread no longer existed when I opened it. I'm thinking it's a scam (which probably looks quite obvious from the details) but just wondering if anyone has heard of these people before.