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    Vista Soft LABS on careerbuilder.com

    I received the following email today. I googled "Vista Soft LABS" and sure enough they have already been reported on this website but doing another scam on ebay. Pass along the news!

    Vesta Soft LABS - one of the largest developers of the Unix-based software in the East Europe. Company is the winner of prizes of the
    exhibition Neo Tech 2005, our production is widely known in the
    countries of Euro Union. Now, we advance our production on the American market and you have an opportunity join one of the most successful and fastest growing companies in the manufacture of custom software.

    Our basic office is located in Moscow (Russia), also we have branches in the countries of the East Europe, such as Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, in the near future we open representation in Germany. As a result of the USA market research we are convinced that our products have good sales potential, but after we have made approach to sell our programs in USA, we regret to find that we can't receive payments. Most of our clients prefer payment orders through USA Banks. The job we offer you requires receiving payments from our clients on your bank account or receive checks.

    We reviewed your resume closely and considered you as a possible candidate for the job. Work consists in receiving payments from our clients in USA for software we sell. For receiving payments you should have confirmed Bank account registered with you in any USA bank. At present time we have quite big amount of potential clients in purchasing our products. So, first sales are expected to be in the nearest future. Once you receive payment, you should withdraw it from your account and inform us. After that, send amount in cash to our manager in Russia using Money Gram¨a service. Your compensation will consist in percent of payment's sum which you keep from the receiving money. If you accept the offered conditions please send your e-mail, or fax number, which we will use to send you copy of labor contract.

    All information concerning your resume has been taken from materials of a site careerbuilder.com

    Robert Nieman
    Vesta Soft LABS, Inc.

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    Re: Vista Soft LABS on careerbuilder.com

    i got scamed on ebay by someone with a fake paypal

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