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    Re: March 29, 2006: Solar Eclipse

    USA Hub Cities - Crime in the US -vs- Major planet aspects
    The August 2006 transit of the SUN moving into the Maiden which is the astrological sign of Virgo and a transit of 0.20 degrees of planet MARS moving into (Virgo) the maiden === this planetary transit will set of a wave of crime for females not hear of in recent history. The wave of missing people (especially women) will continue and crime against younger females will be more in 2006 when MERCURY which is the ruler of Virgo moves to 0.00-degrees on August 28th into Virgo. Based exclusively on these astrological placements, such degrees are critical transits. Crime against young women (18 to 54) will take hold more than at any other time in US history.

    Around the World - Roller-Coasters (amusement parks)
    Watch this closely – major accidents (Beginning with the March 29th 2006 total Solar Eclipse and continuing through the closing days of December 20906 you can expect some tragic accidents with 3 or more roller-coasters within the US. As well some tragic accidents shall take hold as well in France and Italy

    The United Kingdom
    There’s a March 14th Full Moon as well the toggling moon will bring into existence a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which astrologically sets in motion more frights for London. Tony Blair will try to add another title to his current title – but who’s listening? The people of the UK are upset over his involvement with the US regardless to all you hear about the US and the UK being allies. Allies “yes this is what they call themselves” – Blood Brothers – “yes, this is what the rest of the world consider them to be”.

    Watch due to Sagittarius’ ride along the PLUTO path – there’ll be many deaths due to an earthquake that’ll be extremely powerful (taking many lives). You can expect more than 1 earthquake in that part of the world.

    USA –
    Washington, DC – 2006 Scorpio | Capricorn will bring un-easiness beginning with the US port fiasco! - Watch this one closely – there are so many things you will NEVER know when it comes to the deals that were made behind the scenes. The February NEW MOOM will bring tattlers and tattler-tellers out of the wood works – watch our news, back-biting and sleazy dealing will come to light AFTER March 3rd. Some in the White House are afraid of what might be told to the citizens. – Republican congressmen will turn their support from the president of the US and Democratic congressmen will begin a press and talk day like you’ve not seen for some time AFTER March 4th.

    Commentary – February 25th 2005: - Calamities brought about by nature and Disasters brought about by nature does not have to occur! You don’t have to like each other but join together so the nations of the earth can be spared from unexplained devastation for people and incomprehensible calamities for the earth. … … Unify mentally on positive notes for peace and safety! valuable thoughts, optimistic beliefs and positive vibrations will bring about the kinds of changes for the world.

    No changes for year 2006: Syria-
    Because of a strong dislike for what has occurred in Iraq, I would not take the notion off the table that not only will other Arab nations join forces – but some Latin countries as well – (will join forces against America for her role in the Mid East. The president of Syria has lost control and rulers left on-board by his father are running his country. And, because of their actions, there are strong probabilities during late year 2005 and into mid-year 2006 an expectation of civil war (lots of unrest) and the causalities will be just as high as the Israel/Palestinian (on-going_ conflict. (Slow process due to slow movement during year 2006 of planet PLUTO in Sagittarius.

    Suicides and Natural Deaths – June 2006-
    Watch the rich kids – they have run out of things to do, now they will rule destruction on themselves and there will be many suicides brought by their own hands

    Schwarzenegger - watch him closely - he's not healthy!
    He is still under a shadow in terms of his health – there are strong possibilities of severe problems around the chest

    Saddam Hussein-
    Possibly, death by hanging or problems around the chest

    On-going consistent in year 2006: (no changes) Confrontations among congressmen and senators and more challenges for the Republican Party! [I will not let the Democrats off the hook; so,watch for updates coming this year as Saturn makes it's mark!

    Water- 2006 - watch the east coast (possible some contamination) This is the next commodity – it will continue to rise in price – WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR WATER

    Wall Street - no changes in year 2006
    Promises by the Bush administration will not be met - I think something is amiss - watch for another Enron problem if social security falls in the hands of the Republicans - watch this closely - poor baby boomers - hope you are not gonna' fall for the falseness!

    The US individuals in positions of authority will continue face setbacks in Iraq ... Looking closer at the toggling of planet MOON over the universe, planet PLUTO which is, in my opinion the "God of Hell" will bring about "more war" ... ... there's a surety ... ... it's gonna' be "war" with Syria and Israel (Watch the rumbling in the middle east closely) ... late 2006 there's no changes from year 2005 - same planet structure of Pluto in Sag (rider of a pale horse is on the move all across the mid-east).

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: March 29, 2006: Solar Eclipse


    THE 20 YEAR CYCLE ... (Posted November 2004)
    Take a look at past history when there were tensions in the skies with planets Jupiter and Saturn being in conjunction. (THE JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION).
    (This posting will remain up until new planetary cycles change around mid-year 2006 or the next Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus cycle in early May 2007). As such, the following is applicable: Let’s look at what has already occurred according to history. When we look at the present century, look at how the adverse position of a previous 20-year cycle of the planets known as Saturn and Uranus did “take hold”. Let’s take a real good look at this 20 Year cycle and the presidents that took office or rather that were elected during this negative planetary cycle:

    #1 - Year 1842 –President Harrison
    Astrologically, the sun sign was in Capricorn – (the goat) (an earth sign) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    William H. Harrison was elected president in year 1840 (before his tenure there was, according to history, during the year 1837 at which time restructuring of the US banking system took place)

    #2 - Year 1861 – President Lincoln
    Astrologically, the sun sign was in Virgo (the maiden) (an earth sign) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    President Lincoln was elected in year 1860, re-elected in year 1864 and was assassinated in year 1865 (remember the Civil War) … And, the US was in political and economic ruin

    #3 - Year 1881 – President Garfield
    Astrologically the sun sign was in Taurus (the bull) (a staunch earth sign) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    James Garfield was elected as president in year 1880 and was assassinated in year 1881
    The US had the worst economic conditions in that century during years 1873 through year 1878

    #4 - Year 1901 – President McKinley
    Astrologically the sun sign was in Capricorn (the goat) (an earth sign) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    William McKinley was elected as president in year 1900 and was assassinated in year 1901. According to history this was good times financially for most US citizens (but this trend was unexpected and can be accredited to planet Uranus – which brings into existence unanticipated situations.

    #5 - Year 1921 – President Harding
    William Harding was elected in year 1920 but he passed away before his 4 year term was completed …
    President Harding passed away during year 1923 … according to history, his passing-away was under very suspicious circumstances. Something went wrong behind the scenes (again, according to history) that had much to do with the year 1920-1923 depression. – There was much talk about the Tea Pot Dome Scandal.

    #6 Year 1940 – (FDR) President Roosevelt
    Astrologically the sun sign was in Taurus (the bull) (an earth sign that’s staunch) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1932, was re-elected in 1936 – and re-elected again in 1940; and again re-elected in 1944. But during cycle year 1944 illness set-in … he passed away from a serious cerebral hemorrhage … but he guided the USA through the Great Depression and WWII.

    #7 - Year 1960 – (JFK) President Kennedy
    Astrologically the sun sign was in Capricorn during year 1961 (the goat) (an earth sign) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20 year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20 year cycle for the USA ---
    President Kennedy guided the USA with safety through the Cuban Missile Crisis (remember the weapons build-up approximately 90 miles across the waters from Florida in Cuba)
    President Kennedy was assassinated in year 1963 –

    #8 Year 1980 – (The Gipper) President Reagan
    Astrologically, the sun sign was in Aquarius (the water barrier) (an air sign) --- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    President Ronald Reagan was a big spender! – Was the overseer of massive defense spending and was responsible for spending increases in the US national debt … Under his leadership, the USA suffered through some stressful economic conditions; very bad social and economic impact on the nation … such spending and the kinds of programs put in place that are being felt today (by some). He passed away during year 2004 – (during his illness he did suffer memory loss and prior to his illness there was an attempt on his life)

    #9 - Presently ... Year 2000 – (GW) President Bush
    Astrologically the sun sign was in Taurus (the bull) (an earth sign)--- We’re looking at 2 different planetary placements – Jupiter and Saturn and we’re showing you a 20-year cycle of a JUPITER SATURN ROYAL CONJUNCTION and the negative effects during the 20-year cycle for the USA ---
    President George W. Bush was “named” president in year 2000 under what some citizens would say as “very suspicious situations” (such as a stolen election). He is the last US President to be elected (or named) under an earth astrological / planetary conjunction.

    The 20 year Jupiter – Saturn cycle ended with year 2000 and with other planetary transits of all the other slower moving planets: But during this planetary transit (Jupiter and Saturn)– there was total chaotic conditions with the election and the effects are being discussed in households to this date (as late as year 2004). During the office of George W. Bush, according to some, the nation is more divided than ever before in history. During the office of George W. Bush, the US currency is worthless, the deficit is unexplainable (even without discussing a war in the middle east with Iraq – which some believe was not necessary because the president of Iraq was already contained by US forces and sanctions. - According to past performances of the present administration you are not looking at the personal and private rights as a US citizen that you’ve lost but you are the judge. The astrological question is: "At what price will the nation and its people suffer during years 2006-2007 and into year 2008 ... ... Time will tell, you be the judge!

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    Re: March 29, 2006: Solar Eclipse

    Quote Originally Posted by Phinnly Slash Buster
    Oh my!!! Look at he time, It's 3/29/2006 is world over yet? Did I miss it? Someone post and tell me, the suspense is me!! He He He
    Yeah! Haven't you heard the song: "Life Is Just A Dream."?

    Yeah, even pinching yourself feels real. That's how real YOUR dream is!
    It's all just an illusion, anyhow. Nothing to sweat!

    Being "scared out of your wits" literally means that you went so fast that
    you don't even know that you're dead!

    HeHeHe! :cool:

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    Re: March 29, 2006: Solar Eclipse

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask
    The rapture happened and we got "Left Behind". I'm sure glad I read the series so I know what to expect next. But I better go skim over it again just for sure.


    Lady Mod
    Didn't you know? We're the 'clean-up crew!' They'll be back to get us.
    Not to worry...

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    Re: March 29, 2006: Solar Eclipse

    Quote Originally Posted by peasant
    If we are talking about *our world* rather than *our* planetary system ,it could just be a lot earlier.
    A very large meteorite did immense damage to a remote part of Russia earlier this century. The evidence is there ,this was not some remote event in time.
    Then of course if all higher forms of life were wiped out evolution could start
    out all over again .I wonder what the result might be?
    The theory that a lightening strike might have started life in the primeval ocean soup always intrigues me.
    It takes a jolt of electrical energy to start the development of a foetus in vitrio for example.
    Another curiosity is that sperm and ova can be cooled to to cryogenic temperatures and still not only survive ,but be revived and utilised.
    This seems to blur the the bounderies between chemisty and biology.
    Bertrand Russell is worth studying for his thoughts in general in this area.
    Did you know that live recordings exist of some of his most important speeches?
    Leaves one to wonder what the "Ark" really was, eh?

    As well, the female infant, when born, has all of her eggs for her life time
    that will procreate her progeny with the assistance of a human male.
    On the other hand, the Male infant is born with Testicles suspended within
    the body; they will "fall" or emerge to the exterior of the body at about
    six years of age.
    No Semen is present in the infant male. The Semen is later "generated"
    through a remarkable process which occurs at the nuclear level; nuclear
    as in atomic. After all, our living flesh is nothing other than a mass of
    vibrating electrons, protons and neutrons which equals atoms!
    The male nuclear seminal generation process commences at about twelve
    years of age and last until the advance years of 50's - 60's, depending
    upon the individual.

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