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    "What Have Liberals and Democrats Ever Done For Us?

    The credit for this goes to Username. He posted it in the Are Liberals the Enemy thread but frankly, I thought it deserved it's own space.

    Hey Username, nice to see you back.

    Lady Mod

    I found this interesting.... thought I would share.

    "What Have Liberals and Democrats Ever Done For Us?
    by Delaware Dem
    Fri Oct 14, 2005 at 06:57:39 AM PDT

    If you listen to Republicans or even the media, it goes without saying that the Democrats have no platform. No goals. No plans for the future other than hating President Bush. Now, hating President Bush takes a lot of time because there is a lot to hate.

    However, our leaders in Congress are putting the finishing touches on a unified campaign strategy as we speak. Soon enough the world will learn the Democratic goals for the future.

    And of course we have discussed what those goals should be. We have also discussed what Progressives today want. And we have learned about Progressives past and their accomplishments.

    But I thought it would be helpful to put in list form all of the accomplishments and achievements and victories of Progressives, Liberals and Democrats over the last century.

    * Delaware Dem's diary :: ::

    * The GI Bill

    * Endangered Species Act

    * Environmental Laws

    * The Space Program

    * The Peace Corps

    * Americorps

    * The Civil Rights Movement

    * Earned Income Tax Credit

    * Family & Medical Leave Act

    * Consumer Product Safety Commission

    * Americans With Disabilities Act

    * Freedom of Information Act

    * Women's right to control their reproductive future

    * Allowing citizens to view their own credit records

    * The Internet

    * Balancing the federal budget

    * The Brady Bill (5-day wait on handgun purchases for background checks)

    * Lobbying Disclosure Act

    * "Motor-Voter" Act

    * The Voting Rights Act

    * Unemployment Insurance

    * Medicare/Medicaid

    * Food Stamps/WIC

    * Social Security

    * Peace between Israel and Egypt

    * Peace between Israel and Jordan

    * The Department of Education

    * The Department of Energy

    * The Department of Transportation

    * The Department of Housing and Urban Development

    * Labor Laws

    * The Marshall Plan

    * Winning World War II

    * Food Safety Laws

    * Workplace Safety Laws

    * The Tennessee Valley Project

    * The Civilian Conservation Corps

    * The Securites and Exchange Commission

    * Women's Right to Vote

    * Universal Public Education

    * National Weather Service

    * Product Labeling Laws

    * Truth in Advertising Laws

    * Morrill Land Grant Act

    * Rural Electrification

    * Public Universities

    * Bank Deposit Insurance (FDIC)

    * Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    * Public Broadcasting

    * Supporting the establishment of Israel

    * The United Nations

    * NATO

    I am sure I am missing something. Feel free to add to the list. But it goes without saying, every single leap forward over the last century has been the result of Democratic, Liberal and Progressive policies, positions and goals. Every step backward is most assuredly the result of Republican and Conservative policies, positions and goals.

    So yes, everyone, the Republicans are right. The Democrats have no plans for the future and have done nothing in the past, aside from protecting people from pollution, racial discrimination, barriers to the handicapped, dangerous products, poisonous food, bank failure, hazardous workplaces, overwork, unemployment, handguns, extreme poverty, hunger, and deadly diseases; and aside from providing public education, money for college, balanced budgets, the right to vote, a decent retirement, electricity, the Internet, time off for family, access to government and credit records, and the best examples of peace and diplomacy in our time.

    What have the liberals ever done for us?


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    Re: "What Have Liberals and Democrats Ever Done For Us?

    The DEm's, considering their humanity, have their short-comings, as all
    people trying to get things done. However, all things considered, they
    seem to truly strive to conduct government FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE

    This means the appropriate application and exercising of the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights in governing the nation.

    That means as well , NOT exclusively for the wealthy and privileged class and
    the military/industrial complex.

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