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Thread: Casino Cash

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    Casino Cash

    Is this a scam?????

    I quote from their home page:

    "Casino Cash gives you the opportunity to cash in on the popularity of online gaming and reap enormous rewards. Casino revenue has until now been out of reach for most business opportunists when you consider the complete set-up and licensing costs of a typical Online Casino to be in excess of $300,000.00. Casino Cash erase these problems by offering individually owned, fully functional Casino web sites to entrepreneurs and business opportunists at a fraction of the cost."


    "The cost to join Casino Cash is only $150.00 which includes your web site and web hosting. When you join Casino Cash simply promote your web site to gamblers for the Casino income or opportunists for the referral income. Your Casino players can download the Windows Casino gaming software directly from your web site and play. Promote the Casino Cash program to business opportunists and receive $75.00 commission. Why not promote both income streams to multiply your commissions."

    Does anyone on here know about this lot? Your comments, words of wisdom are appreciated.

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    Re: Casino Cash

    Have you got any more info on this? I too am looking to make some money. Let me know if you dig up any more info.

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    Re: Casino Cash

    Hello all,

    that whole Windows Casino thing is a bust...been there done that, only it costed me $1000 to get nothing more than a "duplicate site." They did some basic adjusting to the code to give the color scheme I wanted and also you get your own domain, but big flippin deal. Before signing up and you first email them with questions and so forth, they are very quick to respond and very helpful...but once they have your money, you are on your own!

    And don't kid yourself into thinking that promoting an online casino is going to be easy or cheap. There are literally THOUSANDS of online casinos and I doubt many if any are legit. The point is is if you have a several thousand bucks to shell out on SEO (search engine optimization which would require many, many months to get top 10 rankings in the major search engines with NO guarantees you'd ever even achieve those rankings) or have deep enough pockets that you can do PPC (pay per click) then go for it. Or if you have several thousand dollars to shell out for advertising in magazines, then go for it. Otherwise, PLEASE save your money!

    Hope this helps! :)
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    Re: Casino Cash

    Yes Windows Casino was a Rogue Casino in the past, but two months ago they were sold and bought up by Wager Junction. They have removed most of the lies that the previous management had on their website.

    As far as making money on the internet with online casinos, you can if you want to put the work and effort into it. Baically I have built two casinos online myself which cost to me is about $750 dollars a year. I also had my first one built which makes me a couple of thousand a month.

    The two I built myself have fifty different casinos between them. Actual time to write content for both was approximately 400 hours, 150 hours to build webpages. Then you spend time submitting your sites to Directories which costs money. Then you have to find quality links, so you spend more time checking other similar casinos and sending emails for reciprocal linking.

    There is also always updating information to your websites, like changing banners, changing content, adding new casinos. This is a full time job and you don't get rewarded yet for these two sites until later in the year. Both have ranking with alexa.com and are within the top 4 million sites on the internet.

    If I figure what my time is worth, the two websites would have cost me over thirty thousand dollars if they were built and optomized by a SEO Company.
    You learn to do things write you will make money on the internet, but never think it is part time work, it is a full time job.

    Anyway plan to have about 200 different online casinos, Bingo casinos and Poker Rooms on these websites.

    Everyone have a wonderful day.

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    Re: Casino Cash

    Here is the best dice game which every casino lover should try out. And even if you are not familiar with gambling, I would still be a nice way to spend some spare time. You don't even have to bet real money, it's possible to play for free.

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    Re: Casino Cash

    Are you fond of sport betting? https://777score.com what do you think about this site?
    What websites do you use? Can anyone give me advice?

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