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    Preservation of scriptural authenticity scam!

    If there is one thing the Dead Sea Scrolls have amply proven it is that the myth about scriptural authenticity is a scam.

    The scrolls were deposited in these caves on three separate occasions, one during the Roman conquest of the area in the first century BC. The next one during an uprising just before the year zero as reckoned today and the last one during the Roman revolt of 68 AD.

    These scriptures have never been suggested to have been written by anyone other than the main faction of Judaism of the time. These scriptures are all different than today's Bible! There are great similarities yet it is not the same Judaism as practiced today.

    This early Bible was far shorter than today's version, such things as the Ten Commandments did not exist. The "glosses" added were most assuredly inserted by the later Christians. In addition to this the myth of the LXX version of the Bible is another scam. The Greek version of the scriptures was most assuredly not written by 70 scholars about 300 BC; it was written by a number of Christians after 300 AD!
    Today's version of the scriptures all comes from the "Leningrad codex", written after 1000 AD. Yes, even the Judaic version of the Bible comes from the same codex as the Christians censored the Bible of the Israelites. Material such as "The Book of Enoch" was removed from The Jewish scriptures about this time as it was also removed from the tenets of the Christians.

    That version of ancient documents which most closely resembles this Leningrad Codex is the version found at Masada, the stand of the last Israelite "Messiah"; Bar Kokhba about 135 AD.

    There may be textual integrity today, but as these ancient documents illustrate there was none 2000 years ago!

    (Read "The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible" by Martin Abegg Jr, Peter Flint and Eugene Ulrich.)

    Christianity and Islam are derived from these corrupt scriptures of the Israelites, these and their lies are the real reason "Civilization" has not been other than a hope on earth today!

    Best Rasmus

    Behind every excuse lies a failure and to justify a failure only compounds its magnitude!

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    Re: Preservation of scriptural authenticity scam!

    and your point is!?it's all good!?hehe!!or leave me alone!?hehe!!or if you must find fault,do it in a constructive way!?hehe!i can DIG it man!!hehe!!we all want a love based wonderful existance free of the criticism by authority based on published wrong vrs right!?do we not!?is that a realistically achievable existance!?or is some sort of compromise called for and that dependent on each individual understanding the whole picture per se!?or was that your point and i'm only confirming it!?hehe!!

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    Re: Preservation of scriptural authenticity scam!

    First, i really enjoy reading your posts, gnosisquest. I hope to add a philosophical approach to the existence of multiple religious books or sources. In philosophy when you name something, you are distinquishing it from something else. Left shoe, right shoe. Up, down. If there were only one, then there would be no need in saying "left" or "right" or "up" or "down". So, when speaking in terms of the bibles; I know that there are other versions just by hearing the name "king james bible" Well, if there were not another version, then why distinquish it. If there is a king james bible, then there must be another version out there. Otherwise it would just be called "bible".

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