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Thread: True mlm

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    True mlm

    Been thinking about mlm and from my perspective mlm companies aim to target a word of mouth marketing strategy, which has long known to be a powerful one. However something doesn't add up for me.

    Word of mouth works by someone purchasing something and then telling someone else about it. For instance, if i find a good deal on say a broadband ISP then i might tell my friends about it. This costs me nothing either financially or time-wise.

    It seems to me that all mlm companies promote this idea to prospective members, but it's not really how it works in practice. What happens is people start setting up organised lead generators. It becomes like an "organsied assault of word of mouth".

    As such, if you want to make any money as a member of a mlm then you have to invest a lot of time and money generating these leads. No doubt, many adept networkers have honed this down to efficiency and know how to get the best returns for least effort. *But* only a very small percentage of people can/are prepared to do this. The rest of them get carried along with pitch and then realise what sort of life / mental shift is needed to (a) not lose money (b) break even (c) make a profit.

    I don't know all the mlm companies out there, but here's an idea...

    You have some products that most people are already using. Lets use the broadband example. Say you're with a non-mlm broadband supplier and it costs you $20. A friend of yours says he's paying $15 for the same spec. Would you want it? Quite probably. If you then knew that if you took the service and then referred the service to someone else, you'd make a small % on their subscription you might be in heaven.

    The problem that seems to be with mlm is that rather than your friend paying $15, he's actually paying $25. But he tells you if you refer enough people, you'd be able to make back the $5 difference between your current suppier and the his. Creates a dilema.

    It seems to me that most mlm products are overpriced. why is this? the whole idea of mlm is that they cut out both retail and marketing shares/costs. So why is it, you find that comparable products in shops or from companies doing massive expensive TV advertising campaigns are cheaper, sometimes much cheaper.

    Something doesn't add up here...

    I should be able to buy something cheaper through mlm. Then it's easy for me to refer it. I'll happily ring up everyone i know and tell them because i'd be saving them money. Why would i drop out it? Im saving money...

    Anyone else had similar thoughts?

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    Re: True mlm

    GOOD post.It is rare but I SEE products price better in a mlm models [CHEAPER BROADBAND then you listed}Now explain to me STARBUCKS when price seems very high to me in the market place.nOW IN HEALTH and wellness [91.6% of mlms] when people buy a product they feel made them feel better or look better business model works even when the price is high..remember Marketing is makeing it .... bw success2u BUZZ

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    Re: True mlm

    Great post to which i will add this; in a perfect world its true you purchase something and if you like it you share the experience with friends and family. In mlm though you have to find enough people who purchase in and like it, rather than find those looking for the opportunity soley because those are the ones that would not be able to give true factual word of mouth statements. In mlm i have this as a motto to those who join with me in my programs (USE, RECOMMEND, SPONSER) If those that got in did just those three things good mlm residule income can be made.

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