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    What is it with these emails requesting you to instant message them?

    I have noticed in the past few weeks that i keep on getting these emails from people i have never heard of emailing me with:

    "Hi i saw you on myspace and thought you where interesting, i think we have alot in common and would love to get to know you! I am rarely on myspace so if you want to chat you can find me on aol's AIM SexyCatygirl180"

    The most obvious factor that this is some sort of scam is the fact that I am one of the few people who refuses to use or have interest in myspace.com.

    But my question is what can they possibly gain from you sending them a message?

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    Re: What is it with these emails requesting you to instant message them?

    Myspace is a site very popular with teens. A problem with the site is that a lot of teens list their addresses and phone numbers, so it is a popular place for sexual predators as well. There was recently a segment on tv warning parents to monitor the use of myspace by their teens.

    The emails you received are possibly from a sexual predator that could be trying to lure you to the site. I suggest forwarding the emails, complete with full headers, to your isp. You might also check the wiredsafety.org website about how to report emails that could possibly be from a predator.
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