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    ITP Global needs US wire service

    Has anyone heard of this company?International Trading Place.I just about gave them my bank account info it was such a good scam!And I have been scammed alot over the years ,trying to work at home on my pc.check these links out. http://itpglobal.co.uk/click.php?id=00232 http://itpglobal.co.uk/click.php?id=00232 http://itpglobal.co.uk/click.php?id=00232 If it is a scam(and I suspect it is) it has a very professional website.I checked First Data's website under subsidiaries and could not find them.I found them through 2 different Google ads,incomereciever.com and incomemill.com.Both advertisements go to the same site.They offer 7% to wire money to and from your account.This is from their website:"The company has operations in Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Malta, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Japan and Dubai. Through our strategic partnership with First Data Corporation who hold a significant minority shareholding in ITP we are driving a truly global business strategy."I wish it were real.Can anyone help me with this? :confused:

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    Re: ITP Global needs US wire service

    i found this browsing through this forum : http://www.worldprivacyforum.org/
    may be what this one is,these scammers are getting better.A very high level scam indeed!Any opinions?

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    Re: ITP Global needs US wire service

    dear jason,
    hey i found that site as well
    and it sounds a little to good to be true and i will try to outline why
    if the "vat" law is the way they say it is dont you think highely educated law makers might have seen this loop hole? 2 why is i havent got a response from these idiots.. if you can why dont you contact them and ask them (since there in the cash biz) if there are any regulatory commitees overseeing these type of companies
    they should have no problem with that? 3 lets say they were to pay you this ridiculous commission of 7% and the promise you 3000 a month thats about 515000 annual (circulating in and out of your account).... now for that kind of dough dont you think they would place there own people here too save the loot for themselves?
    sincerely, jason mazzulla
    517 677 1109 mazzullaj@yahoo.com

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