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    Re: Speedyshipment.com


    Domain Name.......... speedyshipment.com
    Creation Date........ 2006-04-13
    Registration Date.... 2006-04-13
    Expiry Date.......... 2007-04-13
    Organisation Name.... Laba ltd.
    Organisation Address. 96 Western
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Brattleboro
    Organisation Address. 05301
    Organisation Address. VT
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name........... JULIAN LAUZZANA
    Admin Address........ 96 Western
    Admin Address........
    Admin Address........ Brattleboro
    Admin Address........ 05301
    Admin Address........ VT
    Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
    Admin Email.......... [email protected] <----- free email address : scam
    Admin Phone.......... 4511938
    Admin Fax............

    Tech Name............ Verio Hostmaster
    Tech Address......... 5050 Blue Lake Dr.
    Tech Address.........
    Tech Address......... Boca Raton
    Tech Address......... 33431
    Tech Address......... FL
    Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
    Tech Email........... Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by Whois Source
    Tech Phone........... 888-663-6648
    Tech Fax............. 888-663-6655
    Name Server.......... ns19b.nameservers.net
    Name Server.......... ns19a.nameservers.net

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    ;) I think this site is 100% a scam too. I received e mail from a guy who called
    Aidan Jacob please be aware when you hear from this guy.

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    Dont buy Car using shipper ILE

    I was recently scammed out of (to me) a lot of money. The man that initiated the scam was Walbert Louis, he told me his son died in Iraq and he just wanted his car gone as it was a painful reminder etc. He forwarded me the website for a shipper ILE, from their they gave me a name Marc Pilberg and an address to send my MoneyGram. Their promise to me was that I would recieve the car in 48-72 hours and that they would return my money if I declined the car. They never shipped me the car and after they took my money I barely heard from them. I sent an email stating I wanted my money back and have yet heard from them. I never recieved the car, nor did I ever even get close. I checked the companies website even the VIN that the seller provided me, all look legit, but it wasn't and now I'm out the hopes of a great car, the money, some pride and a horrible feeling of distaste for someone to use a dead soldier in order to take money from people. I searched the company, the people's names etc. I never found anything bad. In fact just the other day I did another search and found someone else reporting this scam, though it was too late for me. Please, buyer beware and don't trust... these criminals obviously have stooped to new lows!

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    Re: Dont buy Car using shipper ILE

    thanx for your warning. perhaps it will help prevent this from happening to others. the rule is, business is never, never, never done by moneygram or western union. never. its always a scam. always.

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    Address given by scammers:
    Royal Transport Ltd.,
    132 Upper Tulse Hill
    SW2 2RR
    United Kingdom
    Telephone number: +44-740-479-4143
    Fax: +44-844-774-9783
    Website: http://www.royal-transport.all.co.uk
    Email: [email protected]
    I live in Italy. Some one going by the name Bennett Andreas (email address [email protected]) put up a 2005 model of Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI TITANIUM for sale for 4,500Euros. He claimed to be living in England and had purchased the car in Italy when he was working there(Italy). He only wanted to sell because he was having problems driving it in England's left-side driving rule. I contacted him and he said he would hand over the car to the above transport company to take care of. The company contacted me, sent copies of the terms of agreement inwhich I was to pay half through moneygram money transfer and pay the rest on receipt of the goods. It felt every inch like a scam to me but I reconsidered after a trusted friend said he knew someone who had purchased his car thesame way (though he didn't know the name of the transport company used). Three days after sending the money, I received an email telling me the car was in transit in France but due to new regulations by their insurance company, I was required to pay the rest of the money before it could continue to Italy. I told them I was sticking to the initial terms of agreement and if they didn't like it, to return my deposit. They agreed to do so after ten days but that was just a scam.
    Every time I call, they insist I send the rest of the money and have even gone as far as saying their lawyers would contact me in their emails. I would welcome a legal action but unsurprisingly, I have not been contacted by any lawyer.

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    Sally Hople scam

    Have been in contact with a person called sally hople, and she claims she has moved to england from canada, and need to sell her car. which is in a shipping container in Whitehorse Yukon. It is stored by a company called Autocarex transporters

    This ofcourse does not exist in Whitehorse, since I live here it was easy to find that out.. It was posted in Calgary *****slist, and i needed to transfer funds to ebay motors or what ever, cant go and look at the car and bla bla bla.
    Watch out for this cunt, since she got all kind of stuff with the same kind of layout.

    Piece out, be careful out there

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    Re: Sally Hople scam

    looks like another copy of fake shipper here:


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    Re: Sally Hople scam

    :she just e-mailed me to sell a motorhome that I was interested in. If not for your post who knows what dumb thing I would have done. Thanks for taking the time to post her scam.

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    Re: Collect the URL's of the "shipping companies"

    i always get the url of the shipping companies and check it if its legit also to track my shipment

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