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    David Beckler - boat buyer

    I've got a boat advertized on ABL, and have gotten several, almost identical, letters saying they want the bottom line price, which I give, they accept, and then say they'll send me a certified Cashier's check for that amount plus $7-9,000 for additional expenses that I need to send back to them after funds have been verified. Then, they will come by, pick up boat, sign paperwork, and head out. They can't send the correct amount because the total amount has already been allocated and must be sent on that one check. They're not pressuring me for immediate turnaround, or any money in advance - that's what's strange. One guys name is David Beckler, and the other is James Morrison. Anyone have any dealings with them?

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    Re: David Beckler - boat buyer

    they are just "fake" names used in the Advance FEE fraud they are committing

    look at the headers of your email and see where they are actually coming from.

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