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    Blue Hippo

    Do Not do business with this comp, one thing is they don't tell you that you don't get your comp till you have made several payments, they make it sound like you get the comp after your 99.00 downpayment.

    I called back 1 day later to cancel the acct which was no problem. They said they would send me my refund of 99.00 within 45 days. Well it has been about 6 months still lhave not gotten my refund. After numerous phone calls. Also call to BBB which they just told them it would be another 45 days it has been almost that now and still no refund. Basically I threw away 99.00, I don't expect I will ever see it. So I am posting this on every scam site I can find

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    Re: Blue Hippo

    BlueHippo will be shut down under Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    I read also somewhere else that out of over 5,000 orders, they never sent out any computers but only took in money. After some consumer group and attourneys got ahold of them and possibly the bbb, they started sending computers out and sent around 1000 of them but the org's above (whichever) said that this was not good enough and still went after them.

    Taken from linked doc above

    Over the recent years, the Federal Trade Commission and regulators in several states, have sued the company of deceptive practices, of overcharging for computers and electronics, and of failing to deliver products sold to typically low-income, poor-credit customers.
    Thus, the Maryland attorney general's office settled a case with BlueHippo two years ago, and the company had to pay $3.5 million in restitution to customers. As part of this case, BlueHippo could no longer operate dealing with customers in the state, though it operated out of offices in Woodlawn.

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