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    Tell Tale Signs of a Ponzi

    1. Usually there is no contact information on the website, I.E. Address, phone number, Corporate entity name.
    2. When you do a Whois on the Domain name usually the information is Privately Registered so you cannot find them, or the information is bogus.
    3. They maybe located out of the United States where the jurisdiction of the U.S. Authorities will have no reach.
    4. The amounts of monies are small enough where anyone can get involved.
    5. With smaller amounts most more than likely a victim will not pursue recourse, i.e. little chance of lawsuit, or filing complaint with authorities.
    6. Complaining or asking “Hard Questions” on a forum within the AutoSurf/HYIP will only get the complainer ridiculed, or even banned.
    7. Cult like behaviors within the group on the forums.
    8. Religious overtones by the Owner of the AutoSurf/HYIP to increase members trust.
    9. Terms Of the Program will most all of the time state “is an investment project of private nature, not available to the general public and is, therefore, exempt from U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and all amendments thereof, and from any equivalent law of any jurisdiction.”
    10. The outrageous return amounts on your Investment anywhere from 1% a day to 20% a Day.
    11. Most of their Terms State a large percentage of the investments go into the general fund (the one they use to pay you with).
    12. They give you information that they have DDOS protection. Denial of Service Attack Protection.
    13. First sign of trouble, unable to make payments on time, the owner of the program starts the blame game (I.E. We are having problems with the Payment processor, Death in the Family, family member sick)
    14. State they invest your money elsewhere.
    15. All use the vantage of “If they pay me they must be legit.” promotion.

    Remember this is just a General Rule of Thumb. Always do Due Diligence!
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