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    Zibus, drop-shipping

    I have been all over looking for a drop-shipping program that would do what they say they will. I have found one that I could trust. I was a little scared after reading every thing about them. But now I am glad I was you could say a little lose with my money. But now I am able to get that back and make some more. 35 million is a hell of alot products that I am able to go through everyday for my business to sell. I will admit ebay did help alot, all you really need is a product and you are about to have your own business.

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    Re: Zibus, drop-shipping

    what is yoru ebay id? I want to see feedback conerning your business model. If its lower than 98%, proves that dropshipping is not a good business to deal with.

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    Re: Zibus, drop-shipping

    Ive heard that these guys charge like $5000.00 to get full access to their program. Is that true?!?!?!

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    Re: Zibus, drop-shipping

    can someone get back to me on zibus really want to join... do you really get those good deals? please someone get back to me

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    Re: Zibus, drop-shipping

    Are you kidding me, read all the scam reports about them and you know they worth nothing... I will spend the $5000 just to inform everyone on the net about their scam..guaranteed.

    Oh by the way, the collection agency they use is http://www.a-scollections.com they are the most unprofessional people you will ever talk to. Although a written explanation with credit card statements and emails copies were sent to them, they still try think they know it all.... if they know what they are doing, the least they need to do is invistigate the companies they represent, otherwise they are involved in the same scam.

    Scam Watcher

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