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    Anyone Heard of The Automatic Income System

    I mean the name seems a bit conspicuos but their sales pitch is well put together and they have a "money back" guarantee so I was wondering if anyone had heard of them before or had experience with them. It seems to be a guide to setting up your own online bussiness marketing your own actual products which seems reasonable.
    Anyway here is the website and you guys are really helpful with this stuff so let me know what you find please.


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    Re: Anyone Heard of The Automatic Income System

    I have just added that to my list of things that suck.

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    Re: Anyone Heard of The Automatic Income System

    Wow, I've never seen a website that was so vague on what you have to do to make money. Plus their lame marketing strategy to lure you in by making you curious, keeping you in supspense, and slashing prices by showing how you get thousands of dollars worth of items for free (for 30 days) should set off an alarm that you'll probably see $397.97 disappear from your bank after your 30-day trial. Then once you try to dispute what was taken, the company puts you on ignore and you'll never hear from them again. Also, you should be cautious about businesses that guarantee you'll make a certain amount of money within a specified time because if you'll notice, your trial period ends 37 days before your make $5000-$10,000 guarentee does (that's how they cover themselves). So in conclusion, pretend like you never saw that website.

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