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    Intersol Services work from home processing applications from home.

    Hi have any one heard of this company
    I went to the buisness bureau to try to find about the company
    and the bad thing about it i have already paid for the work from home job
    only was 8.50 start what you do is process applications from home. make about 10-15 processing each application so I don't know if this is ok or not but I wanted to see for my self so I sent off 8.50 thru pay pal
    package come 10 days once i get the package i can start to train or work that same day. so if any one know about this company email gasperlarona@bellsouth.net Thanks

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    moinul Guest

    Re: Intersol Services work from home processing applications from home.

    please give the site link..i hope it is ascam..cause rmail processing works are really scam never trust them..

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    Re: Intersol Services work from home processing applications from home.

    well hello thanks for your response
    I did not see a web site for this company it was email
    to me from career builder from a man name hank
    his email address is briety2@yahoo.com
    I sent them the 8.50 already but before i did that
    this is what they sent to me this is all the information about work from home
    position so please get back with me on this this is the information

    From: Hank Jackson
    Date: 2006/02/15 Wed PM 12:26:31 MST
    To: gasperlarona@bellsouth.net
    Subject: Re: Jobvertise Resume for Home Skilled & Unskilled
    Clerical Positions

    Hello and thank you for your interest in our Home

    A home position is a great opportunity for stay at
    home moms, dads, students or anyone who wants to work
    from the comfort of home. With this system anyone can
    make an income at home. There is no calling strangers,
    stuffing envelopes or taking surveys. This work from
    home opportunity is totally legitimate, and how
    successful you are only depends on the time and effort
    you put forth on your end.
    By now you might be curious and want to know some
    details, well here they are.
    We are seeking only honest, self-motivated people who
    can work independently. If you want to earn while you
    learn, then this is for you.
    The preferred applicants should be at least 18 years
    old. No experience is needed as training is provided.

    The following skills are desirable:
    1 Basic computer and typing skills
    2 Ability to spell and print neatly
    3 Ability to follow instructions
    1 Computer with Internet access
    2 Valid email address
    3 Good typing skills
    4 Basic Internet knowledge
    5 Printer

    This opportunity requires that you have a computer
    with E-mail access, an email account, an internet
    connection, basic internet knowledge, and good typing
    skills. You can choose to work full or part time. You
    will be able to choose the hours and days of the week
    that you want to work.
    You do not have to contact anyone via phone; all
    contacts will be made via E-mail. There is no cold
    calling! You will be processing orders which will be
    explained to you in the training materials. There is
    no contract to sign, the amount of orders you choose
    to process is entirely up to you. As with any job you
    must be willing to work hard and try to respond to the
    orders in a timely manner.

    You will be paid $10 - $15 for each application you
    process. The amount of money that you earn is
    entirely up to you, it depends on the amount of time
    and effort you choose to put forth. The average person
    makes $200 - $400 per week. These Home Positions can
    earn as much as $300.00 - $500.00 per week. You will
    be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for
    tax time, as we do NOT take out taxes or provide you
    with a 1099 form. This is entirely your

    The training materials you receive will give you step
    by step instructions on how to get started. When you
    receive you the materials you may begin working the
    MATERIALS VIA USPS. You may choose a diskette or CD

    Method of Payment:
    How you will be paid is up to you. You can receive pay
    by check, money order, or through Paypal. You are not
    going to be paid on a weekly basis; you will be paid
    for each application that you process.

    To Apply:
    There is a "One Time Non-Refundable Processing Fee" of
    $8.50 USD. This fee is to cover the cost of the
    training materials, processing your application and
    shipping and handling. Once you process your very
    first order, you will have made back this fee.
    "GUARANTEED"! You can pay the processing fee by
    credit card, e-check or cash by clicking on the Paypal
    link below.


    Please allow at least 10 business days to receive your
    software and information. Processing will start once
    your fee has been received. If we do not accept your
    request for any reason, the fee will be returned to
    you. However, the fee is non-refundable once the
    packet has been shipped, so please make sure you
    understand the information and requirements before you
    request the packet.

    Below are some frequently asked questions.
    1 Why is there a fee?
    We have to cover our expenses in recruiting
    individuals, processing applications and training. We
    require a low one time non-refundable fee of $8.50
    USD. There will be no other charges to you, however
    the fee must be received before your request will be
    processed. This small processing fee is charged to
    protect ourselves from those who are not serious about
    this work at home opportunity. No business can afford
    to cover administrative costs, wasted time or provide
    materials to everyone who inquires about this
    position. This small fee assures us that you are
    serious about working from home. Once you have
    processed your first order, you will have already made
    back the cost of the training materials. When you
    receive your training materials, you may begin working
    the very same day.
    2 How long is the training?
    Most applicants typically complete the training
    within 24 hours or less. However you can do this at
    your leisure; take as long or as little time as you
    would need.
    3 What kind of orders am I processing?
    The orders will be for business and financial
    reports. It does NOT involve anything illegal or
    pornographic in nature. Also to process just one order
    usually takes about 15-20 minutes. Once you have
    accepted the orders you want to process, you will need
    to respond to process them promptly. Printers are
    required to print out instructions; however a copy
    machine will also work. You can begin working full
    time or part time, the choice is up to you. The more
    you work, the greater your income will be!
    4. What if I have questions not covered in the
    training material?

    The Training Materials give you step-by-step
    instructions on how to get started. In addition, we
    offer full online support to help you set up the job
    and start earning a second income. Our Customer Care
    department will answer any question not covered in the
    training materials sent. We will not leave you
    stranded. We are available for questions M-F
    8:00am-5:00pm CST. Emails are answered in 24-48 hrs,
    except for holidays.

    This work from home opportunity will make you real
    money. However, as with any job, you must be willing
    to work, and it does require some time and effort to
    be successful. The amount of money you can make is
    virtually endless; it only depends on the time and
    effort you put forth. If you do the job, as outlined
    in the information material, you will earn money. If
    you are serious about working from home, and are
    willing to put forth time and effort, then we look
    forward to hearing from you.

    Intersol Services

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    Re: Intersol Services work from home processing applications from home.

    I'm sorry, it is a scam. The "training materials" you will be getting tell you to place the same sort of ad that you replied to, and then you have to scam money out of other people in order to be paid. These types of ads are all over the place right now.

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    Re: Intersol Services work from home processing applications from home.

    thanks for your email what shall I doI sent them 8.50
    thru pay pal can i get my money back or should i just wait until they
    send me something thru mail please help
    can you send me some web sights to file a complaint
    and then they don't have no number no email
    well im glad it was just 8.50 not higher
    thanks for your email

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    Re: Intersol Services work from home processing applications from home.

    hello, received same type of e-mail only dif is that it stated that I could charge what ever I liked. ( this was strange also stated that no deadlines) GREAT!!! a DATA ENTRY
    job with no deadlines to good to be true so came hear to make sure that what I felt was right this is the old mail order game just repackaged.

    Thanks saved myself $10.00 you see unemployeed and need income so every dime counts.

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    Re: Intersol Services work from home processing ap


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