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    **YahooScam: Male poses as female to scam

    Ricky aka Smith Williams has been caught posing as a female running scams on men via dating sites and yahoo messenger. We believe he is the Nigerian Model scamming people also! This is a must read, he mixes and matches names to get by authorities. His female usernames as rosesmith_rosesmith and tola_rose

    Yahoo wont shut down most of his usernames. Is there anyone out there who knows how to shut his accounts down?

    Here is part of it. I suggest you download readpleasefree from readplease.com as this is affecting more people then you know.
    If you have read the old post and just want to skip to the info about his new scam you can view it here

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    Re: **YahooScam: Male poses as female to scam

    More usernames for this: alis_smith4luv She (really he) says her name is Tola Rose and also goes by Rose Smith or Rose Smith

    Links to pictures I have added to his collection of fraud on my album.

    This guy is really dumb, he seems to love the name smith so much he is using is as his first or last name and some where in his usernames even when he is a woman!

    He also seems to use the name William or Williams frequently too


    In case you are new Smith aka Ricky Williams was scamming women on dating sites via Yahoo Messenger, now he changed his charactor and is pretending to be a woman. He still may be pretending to be a man too, just check the link below for his original scam report.


    Quick run down if you dont want a long read and how to avoid this altogether

    Look for men or women scamming on dating sites and yahoo with the following scenrios.
    1. Starving Nigerian Model
    2. From America, Canada or Benin but in Africa and can't leave til she pays off bills she made (asks for money)
    3. I have a visa but not enough money to get to (various countries used) America, Canada, UK
    4. I am from the Providence Of Benin and need money to pay bills
    5. I am trying to get a Visa and get out of this country
    6. Daddy is in Canada and wants to send me money but I cant accept international checks, can I send them to you and you cash them?
    7. Mixture of all these with new twists
    8. Stranded at a hotel (tells various reasons)
    9. Money Needed For Doctor
    10. Charity
    11. Kidnapped
    12. I love you, help me get there
    13. Send the money to so and so (then they have this person send it to them in Nigeria)
    14. Send the money to me in USA or other country (then they have this person send it to them in Nigeria)

    How to prevent being scammed:

    1. Only date people who have webcams as photos LIE and never accept an id, because ID's can be made. Even money orders can be faked, very well!
    2. Dont send any internet person money
    4. Strangers don't talk about their finances with strangers, so if they start about it, then block them
    Think about it: A stranger even a dirt poor one has too much pride to ask a stranger for money. Anyone who does ask someone they dont know is a scammer!

    These people will court you for up to a year, even call you, don't fall for it!
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    Re: **YahooScam: Male poses as female to scam

    Will update you if I get more
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    Re: **YahooScam: Male poses as female to scam

    Quote Originally Posted by scam-buster
    Will update you if I get more
    oh please don't.

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    Re: **YahooScam: Male poses as female to scam

    Quote Originally Posted by LucaBella
    oh please don't.
    i agree... if they believe his stories, they're dumber than the people wasting they're time trying to catch him
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