Hi Guys!

Just wanted to inform everyone that is involved with Summer Bay Holiday Scam, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I too was tricked into giving my credit card details over the phone & have lost TEMPORARILY $944 australian. ADVICE Trust NO ONE!!!! safest option guys, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.
I am in the long drawn out process of receiving (fingers crossed) my refund via my Bank & their investigation squad. They & Miss Badlady 717 advice has been an extreme help. Thanks!
You need to fax a letter to summer bay immediately, don't believe their 72 hour crap customer care follow up, YOU WONT GET THROUGH. keep receipts & fill out a dispute claim with your bank. If your lucky, they will cover investigation costs for nothing, as part of their service. Will take approximately 2 - 6 weeks to completely follow through.

Be Patient guys, I know you feel stupid, however you will get your money back if correct procedures are followed. Stay cool, calm & collective & remember never give your credit card details eva over the phone or net (unless its for flights) to anyone.

Good luck
Kind regards,
Esther Williams :)