I am currently working on an Op Ed article for my local newspaper and wherever else i can get it published but it goes along the lines of the following. I first decided to write this after reading lots of posts here, and then actually wrote stuff down when i heard a radio discussion today about gay people.

The radio show consisted of whether or not LUGS (lesbian until graduating--from college) constitutes real gayness or "fake" gayness. some of the people calling were enraged, being gay themseles, stating that these fake lesbians are only bringing shame to the real gay community and that "experimentation" in college, whether it be drugs or sexual activities, is not just experimentation and really just what it is...doing drugs or being gay. Some people were real fired up, some were open minded and being civil about their arguments.

Anyways this is my opinion on the matter.

Two topics today that are receiving tons of attention these days are the Arab/Western conflicts and almost anything that deals with gay people. The problem that underlies much of both controversies is one of pride, pride in classifying yourself as either for or against either issue. Many a world conflicts in teh past including but not limited to civil wars, world wars, ethinc cleansings, and hate crimes have amounted to sheer acts of barbarism stemming from either pride for your own group or hatred against that particular group. Much controversy can be seen in forums between "liberals" and "neo-cons", even though it is so silly how people base arguments on the fact that they classify you as one or the other.

I used to beleive religion was generally a bad thing in that it creates more problems than it solves. How many wars and other "purges" have been started becuase of a hatred towards a certain group and teh belief that they will be your downfall simply becuase they are who they are?? the answer is plenty. When people are so staunchly proud of their own kind, they tend to build up so much hate for anyone who does not agree with them. When people are so against another group who has worked to classify themselves and diffirentiate themselves, an equal amount of hatred is brewed against them.

People need to not attach themselves so heavily to their classification and realize that we are all one people on this one planet. We share the same lands, air, resources, and living spaces as everyone else. Hatred and intolerance for another group is so prevelant in our world that it causes a deep pride for the people that are in that hated group, and vice-versa. Neither group is the root cause of conflict, rather the conflict creates the pride or hatred. It is terribly dangerous to our own preservation to be caught up in such hatred or pride, as can be seen through the many hate crimes that take place here in teh US or any of the muslim related clashes that take place in teh Middle East (as well as other parts of the world). This world is indeed heading for trouble, and it will be brought about because of this deep hatred one group has for another group who is so proud of themselves they cannot distinguish that which they do as being counter-productive in defending themselves (i.e. burning down a mosque becuase you hate muslims, storming an destroying an embassy becuase you hate that country's actions towards your religion).

People need to wake up and withdraw themselves from the hatred that is their reaction to another group's over-developed pride, and they need to do this soon. I am trying to have kids at some point in my life, but I sure as **** dont want them growing up in a world that reacts so violently and with such hatred towards each other because they are different.