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    $20, $30 a gallon for gasoline?

    This article, in it's entirety, IS pretty scary. That is a serious statement- then I might add: This is a disclaimer- do not read if you do not want to get scared! I posted an article in the "Conspiracy Zone" forum, and got accused of, and chastised for trying to scare people. Gee, maybe a lot of posts should have a disclaimer in case the topic area or title doesn't give it away that there might be something scary contained within. Ok I am done with my little rant session.

    But in all seriousness folks.....

    $20, $30 a gallon for gasoline?

    By Alain

    Oh, believe me, this could happen overnight in the very near future.

    Right now, over 50% of all crude oil purchased by the Untied States is bought from countries who literally would like to see the US blown off the globe.

    Let's run down a little list, and you form your own conclusions.

    One out of every two barrels of oil imported to the United States come from the following list of nations:

    Islamist controlled country. Openly Hostile to the United states. Islamic leaders recently issued Fatwa saying it is ok to use nuclear weapons against its enemies.

    Pretty much an Islamist controlled country. Currently we are at war in Iraq. Islam controls large portion of the country, and soon through elections will control all. Islamic leader just rejected the proposed constitution due to lack of Islamic law.

    Islamist controlled country.

    Saudi Arabia
    Islamic controlled country. Indirectly behind the war on terror with the United States, known to fund Islamic terror organizations that attack western nations. Homeland of Bin Laden and the majority of the men who flew planes into the towers.

    Openly and extremely hostile towards the United States. President recent called for Americas overthrow, and recently pledged to raise an army of 1,000,000 soldiers to fight America.

    Islamist controlled country

    Islamist controlled country. Openly hostile towards America. Islamic militants recently stormed the US embassy. So hostile towards the west, that during tsunami relief, they delayed food and supply shipments to the needy people until they could change the labeling the packages, which originally said they were from the USA.

    Islamist controlled country. Long history of out right hatred for the US and active history of terror attacks.

    United Arab Emirates
    Islamist controlled country. This is the money front man for the world Islamic front. They just bought the companies that control six US ports. Lobbying strongly in favor of Hamas currently.

    Islamist controlled country. Long time partner with Libya and many terror organizations. Openly hostile towards the USA.

    Islamist controlled country. Extremely hostile towards the USA. Currently threatening to use rockets to attack oil tankers heading for the USA. Islamic Militants have just taken US hostages.
    Ok, so that is where we are buying half of our oil. These countries all have one other thing in common, other than out right hatred of the United states, they are part of a cartel called OPEC. So, as one unit they could easily turn off the oil to the USA overnight.

    People in the US need to come to the understanding that America currently is not at war with a single country, political borders do not really apply in this new global age. We are at war with Islam. Islam controls the oil that runs our oil addicted country and economy.

    What would happen if they turned off the oil?

    Overnight gasoline prices would skyrocket, supplies would disappear in a couple weeks.

    After several weeks of the increased oil and gasoline prices the stock market would most likely have a crash to make the great depression look like fun times.

    Gasoline is needed to move products around our country. Prices on everything from tomatoes to toothpicks would go up in price by factors of ten.

    People would be losing their jobs right and left. You live in the suburbs? Have to commute to your job? Imagine going to work with Gas costing $20 a gallon? People would save money by NOT going to work.

    Companies would be closing right and left. They could not afford to buy materials, they could not afford to ship product. They could not afford to pay employees.

    In one fell swoop, Islam could crush the American economy and force us to our knees.

    You really think they would never do this? Think about it. These are the people who have no qualms about sending children with explosives strapped to their chests out to blow themselves up to kill a few "non-muslim" civilians.

    These are the people who are burning buildings, burning churches, storming sovereign countries embassies, killing people right and left in an ongoing firestorm of hate spanning multiple weeks over a few cartoons that depicted Islam as a violent entity.

    Think about it.

    You should also think about what this organization called OPEC, which sets the prices so to speak on oil for the world, is doing with all this incredible profit is has been making off the United States. $3 to produce a barrel of oil, $70 for an American to buy it. That is a lot of money going to arm the enemies of America. This is how the president of Venezuela is paying to build up a 1,000,000 man army to battle with the United States.

    Our addiction to oil is not only Islam's greatest weapon against us, it is the very means of Islam gaining the strength to grow and attack us so indiscriminately.

    Adendum: In 2004, The United States imported about half of its crude oil from nations that belong to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), a cartel that was founded in 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, to be joined later by Qatar, Indonesia, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Nigeria. (World Almanac 2006, NY Times, p. 139-141)


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    Re: $20, $30 a gallon for gasoline?

    Posted By: Happy2BMe
    2006-02-19 08:05:13
    Hi Alain. I use your newsletter regularly and really appreciate the content and news stories I find here. These are indeed exciting times to be living and not always a 'good' kind of excitement with the threats and challenges facing America today and tomorrow. Great change is in the wind, and I enjoy coming over here for an honest and refreshingly truthful feel for what many of them are. Best 2 U,

    Posted By: Kiwi
    2006-02-20 03:35:34
    Hi Alain, being like minded I enjoy your letters ..... and there is little if anything I disagree with, thank you for your informative writings. Here in New Zealand there are many who agree with the view points found here, but there are a lot more who have been captured / brainwashed by the liberal left and who are no longer friendly toward America, unfortunatly many are recent immigrants from the nations you list above. I would bring to your notice a recent tendancy of the US administration to treat old allies as untrustworthy, our current government will not last forever and just as Canada has shown signs of "waking up" so too will New Zealand ..... cheers.

    Posted By: quum (latin for when)
    2006-02-20 05:05:40
    Armageddon is closer than we think. Our politicians are fiddling while Washington burns. The warning signs are everywhere and we still won't use our own resources to sustain ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. We do need to dump our government and elect people who really care. The schools are destroying our heritage by not teaching it and UNESCO has total control of our schools through "no child left behind" program of Bush that Ted Kennedy wrote. The corruption in our governments from our cities right on up to our national government, is so deep the roots can't find room to grow. We have been in WW 4 since 1970's.

    Posted By: Bob in TX
    2006-02-20 05:43:57
    Not only are the terrorist nations a factor, in Peak Oil. However it is interesting the Press ignores the +1000% profit of terrorist nations selling their oil & focuses on Exxon's 6% profit. I guess 6% free enterprise is worse in their craniums.

    One might want to Google "Peak Oil" the factor that allows for terrorist government price racketeering. Beyond Geological I see Peak Government intrusion & extortion as a greater factor in Peak Oil, however many of my colleagues say it is just the geological factors.

    Posted By: Sam
    2006-02-20 06:34:27
    Just another reason to remove these people from our borders. True, America is it's own worst enemy. Other nations don't stand a chance against the likes of Kennedy, Byrd, Boxer, Durbin, Schumer, and all the others in Congress who want everyone but American's to run our country. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us!!

    Posted By: Big Red
    2006-02-20 06:50:36
    Alain, enjoy your comments. Haven't found any I disagree with. America is indeed it's own worst enemy. Shumer, Kennedy, Durbin, Kerry, Leahy, Reid, Clinton, and a few more, they're all dirt in my book, but the real disturbing thing in all of this is, what does it say about the people who elect these [email protected]#$%, excuse my language.

    Posted By: [email protected]
    2006-02-20 06:58:38
    Your inclusion of iran, bless thier little,evil, violent hearts, is incorrect regarding supplying the US with oil. The US buys no oil from Iran.

    Posted By: SlickWilly in Texas
    2006-02-20 08:20:46
    Good reading, and a call to action.

    However, I have a hard time believing the rulers in those countries would simply 'turn off the tap.' Oh, they hate us, all right, but who would buy their oil? China and India will not put up with their crap, but would conquer them outright at the first sign that the USA and Europe could not interfere. They know this, and while the rhetoric sounds good to the masses, the leaders know which side their bread is buttered on. They NEED the USA as a stable influence in the world economy and in world affairs.

    Those countries are addicted to our dollars like we are addicted to their oil, and stopping the flow of cash into their coffers would cause them to fail as well.

    Posted By: Concerned in Arizona
    2006-02-20 08:26:49
    Alain, Thank You once again for an informative, if not scary news. For years, we have been told that anyone who comes up with an alternative to gas for automobiles, has something very bad happen to them. They mysteriously die, have horrible accidents, their patents never see the light of day. Are these stories true? Why can't America, with all it's ingenuity come up with a Fuel Alternative? Or did all the citizens who fought for this country & loved it, are they all gone? Have they all passed on? I am so scared for the future of this country & the Leftist Press that sells us out on a daily basis!

    Posted By: Litl Bits
    2006-02-20 08:23:24
    One of your readers commented on the "one world government". I feel compelled to answer to that. It should become apparent to evveryone that this is the goal of Islam - and they are being supported by the liberal in this nation who are giving in to them.

    Our country became the most powerful on this earth by being a strong, SOVEREIGN nation. If we are willing to give up that sovereignty, then we are going to lose our nation. That is what Gore, Schumer, etc. are working toward - this one world nation. Since I live in California, I frequently see news stories, op-eds, etc. speaking of doing away with our borders - becoming one nation with Mexico and Canada. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SERIOUS! They want no more borders. Vincente Fox encourages his own citizens to come here illegally. And Bush is going along with it! They are jealous of what this nation has attained - and they want in! Well, we didn't become great by being weak - and we are getting weaker and weaker these days. We MUST insist that our government CLOSE our borders. We MUST insist that our government live BY OUR OWN CONSTITUTION - AS IT WAS WRITTEN. We cannot support the entire world. America is the most generous nation on earth. When there is a natural - or man-made - disaster any where in the world, Americans step forward to help. And that's fine. But if we do not remain a strong nation, with our strong Judeo Christian values which made us strong, we will fall.

    It's my belief that we need to clean House - literally. I'm talking about the House of Representatives and the Senate. Our Founders did not foresee a nation ruled by career politicians whose biggest goal is re-election. The nation's needs come far behind their own need to remain in power. Clean most of them out and pass STRICT Term Limits. Return to the true "Citizen Legislators" as enumerated by the Founders. That is how we will be able to get true representative government.

    We cannot allow "political correctness" to destroy us. It is making us weak. Christian has become a dirty word - and Muslims and Gays have more rights than we do!

    When are we going to wake up?

    Posted By: Wayne Brady
    2006-02-20 10:23:31
    What are these countries going to do without oil income? It is just a matter of time before they have to turn on the spigot again. In the mean time we have the strategic oil reserve and there is always a lot of oil in transit from the source to the US. There would obviously be a disruption but they cannot hold the oil forever.

    Posted By: Stephen "Rabid Rabbi" Goldstein
    2006-02-20 10:25:46
    There is a solution to our dependence on Middle East oil; stop buying it. I know that sounds unrealistic, but we should be going into the ANWAR, the liberals in Congress be d****d. In addition, we do have the technology and the means to convert corn, soybean, and wheat into fuels. Of course, this means we will no longer be able to feed the people of those countries that hate us so. Oh well. I mean after all, let's see them convert their oil into food products and feed their people. Israel in the very near future, is going to find a pool of oil to take care of their needs as well as ours for the next 200+ years. We can continue to use our ethanol based fuels, import the balance from Israel, and the rest of the world can get their wheat from China and Russia. Oh wait, I forgot, they cannot feed their own either. Oh well.

    Posted By: Sick of all the garbage
    2006-02-20 10:12:51
    The frosting on the cake would be setting up a system by which 'enemies of the state' such as Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, ACLU Members and the like could be identified and deported along with all the illegal aliens and anyone else who doesn't want to play by the rules set forth in our Constitution. Don't like Heterosexual only marriage, go live in London. Can't speak English, go back to Mexico. Consider degrading pornography an art form, go live in Amsterdam. Don't like to live by Judeo-Christain values, go live in Saudi Arabia. And as for Hollywood, it is obvious that these flakes love all the benefits of being a free American but can't stand American people or heritage. I'd like to say where I really think they should go, but I will control this urge and simply say go AWAY.

    I realize that I have swayed from the topic at hand and I apologize. It just seems that all of these things are connected and all can be traced back to insidious evil.

    I feel like we have all been put in a trance and are being kept placated by porn. While our entire nation of men has been kept busy oogling Paris Hilton and the Victoria's Secret tramps and all the women have been busy buying diet pills and reading how to be sleazy in Cosmo and Vogue, the rest of the world and the gays have seen us as easy pickings and have taken over. We have been so stupid and we have moved so far away from God that we don't even deserve His blessings anymore. If foreign oil does become ultra expensive and our economy fails, at least we can all burn our Maxim and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazines to keep warm.

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    Re: $20, $30 a gallon for gasoline?


    If you are thinking about joining one of those new "me too" gas additive or gas pill programs, .....HOLD EVERYTHING!

    Dear Networkers,

    Let's use a little common sense here and not jump in so fast until you have examined the playing field.

    In the last year, five new gas additive companies have appeared on the radar. Most of them using a high sizzle binary pay plan with matching bonuses. Most of them offering a product that is overpriced (Approximately $35 or more per bottle) and most made from a similar ingredient that extends the life of the fuel. Call it a filler if you will. Others offer pills that don't dissolve completely, and others have an organic product you can drink and add to oil as well as fuel.

    This may all sound amazing, but in reality, is it really a product that is revolutionary? Is it a product priced whereby the end consumer will actually save money (including the product cost), and is the company pay plan designed for long term growth and stability?

    Well I must admit that I have examined all of these companies, especially those in pre-launch and I will tell you there is one that stands out in several key categories. The company is New Quest International of Dallas, Texas. They have a fuel product that works using a completely unique technology. Radiant Technology. This product has
    a 20 year track record with thousands of test studies. New Quest has an established
    infrastructure and office facility that has been in operation for nearly 3 years. New Quest has a nutritional division of unique proprietary products not found in other MLM companies or health stores.

    And finally, New Quest has a unique Hybrid compensation plan (binary + generation bonuses) that is the most lucrative of any of those other me too gas additive companies.

    When you compare apples to apples, I can only say HOLD EVERYTHING and do your homework. Why join another me too fuel extender company when you can have a product that has an exclusive technology that works instantly as soon as you add the first bottle into the tank?

    Doesn't it make sense to examine everything carefully before you jump in head over heels in a new start-up company with products that may not be exclusive, or with pay plans that look great in the beginning but eventually have to deal with "binary creep" which over time reduce payouts with continued growth?

    So before you jump fully into the next HOT gas saver deal, check out the absolute best fuel saving product on the market today RXP Generation II and it's exclusive combustion enhancing Radiant Technology. Doesn't it make sense to represent the Rolls Royce of fuel combustion products with a hybrid plan that runs over anything else in the industry by offering fast pay binary combined with long term residual generation pay.

    If you like driving yesterdays vehicle, then New Quest International is not for you. However, if you want to ride into the future of enhanced fuel combustion, then why not drive a luxury vehicle while you still have time. The official launch for New Quest International is May 1, 2006. However, you can take a sneak peek at the program by visiting the website under construction at: www.NewQuestInternational.com Click on the product tab on top the page and watch the 5 video's.

    If you want to examine the Hybrid pay plan, I have a pdf copy for you to preview. Just send me a Private Message and type in the subject line: Send me the Hybrid plan. Be sure to include your email address and I will send it immediately.

    Don't charge off into the sunset driving the wrong vehicle. You owe it to yourself and your family to take a peek under the hood of our Rolls Royce.

    Best Regards,

    Craig Beste



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    Re: $20, $30 a gallon for gasoline?

    We should stop buying gas/crude oil from th foregin countries and start using what we have and sell it back to them for 1 billion times what its worth like they are doing to us. YES we have oil in the US .. we just dont want to use up ours yet

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