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    Fake inheritance

    Barr David Bapela, of Bapela and Associates, sent a fax offering 20% of an inheritance of $12,500,000 to be credited into your account if you offer to be presented as next of kin to someone without next of kin.

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    Re: Fake inheritance

    I am tired of getting messages like these and the worse part is that they send them to you sometimes two and three times a day. thankfully they are to inept to scam people. or maybe i sould say hopefully. its like someone came up with this email and all they have to do is change the names. i hate to see what happens to people who fall for these scams

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    Re: Fake inheritance

    im also getting one similar only its from john campbell. but he hasnt asked for any personal info yet

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    Re: Fake inheritance

    These people will eventualy ask for personal info, mainly bank account info(so they can deposit the money to your account). Or they will ask for a sum of money to get this "inheritance" released or to processes your claim.

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