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    A money free legit pyramid/affiliate scheme

    Check out SFI. I don’t have the website right now I'll try and find it. The site if free to sign up and all it costs is a lot of time and willingness to sell something you don't care for or about but check it out anyway.

    Here is the gateway with some info:
    [affiliate links removed]
    Here are some of the products:
    [affiliate link removed]

    And the home page:

    [link removed]

    Like I said free to sign up and try they want you to buy things but it is not necessary and all you need is a willingness to sell things people don't want or need.

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    Re: A money free legit pyramid/affiliate scheme

    Don't call it a pyramid!!!

    EVERY business and government out there uses the pyramid structure!!!

    Call SFI an MLM/Direct Sales/Affiliate Hybrid! lol

    You never have to buy or pay to join but if you do that you have to be one hell of a sales person!

    I like buying the priducts myself and selling the business idea to people. More passive residual long term profits from your duplication/training efforts that way!
    Ian Hopfe

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