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    Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    I applied to this on craigslist, not knowing if it was real or fake. After reading the email, I see they require me to pay them a $12. fee before I can actually start working for them. Has anyone heard of them before? Is this a scam?

    Thank you for your fast inquiry about the Data Entry
    Specialist position. We are all about customer service
    satisfaction. Here is the description of what you
    would be doing:
    The Data Entry Specialist position requires that you
    have a reliable computer with internet access and
    capabilities, and a valid E-mail account, basic
    internet knowledge, and minimal typing skills. You
    must also be able to conduct yourself in a
    professional manner. This includes having excellent
    grammar and spelling when communicating with clients
    via E-mail.
    In addition to the above requirements, you MUST be
    able to follow instructions closely and completely.
    All contact is via E-mail, so you will not be required
    to call anyone at any time. This allows you to work
    whichever hours are most convenient for you (days,
    nights or weekends). You will be processing
    applications, as well as filling out forms (this tends
    to be tedious at times, but good money, so please be
    sure that you have the patience to do so before
    This is why we expect you to have basic internet
    knowledge, though the training provided will give you
    step-by-step instructions on how to perform these
    tasks properly. There are no "down-times" with this
    position, so you will have a constant flow of work to
    You will get paid $20.00 for each application
    completed. The amount of money you make each week is
    entirely up to you, and how much time and effort you
    are willing to put forth with this position. The
    average person makes $150.00-$300.00 each week.
    When you have been accepted as a Data Entry Specialist
    you are considered an Independent Contractor. This
    means that your taxes will not be taken out;
    therefore, you will not be provided with any tax
    training provided will go more in depth about what to
    do with your taxes.
    You will receive your pay through Paypal. When an
    application is completed,$20.00 will be credited to
    your Paypal account, which can be withdrawn into your
    bank account at your leisure. You can read about the
    security policies at www.paypal.com
    There is a one-time non- refundable fee for the
    training package. This also includes all processing
    fees and training costs. This is a one-time fee, and
    there will be no other charges to you. We must accept
    this fee to cover training costs, processing fees, as
    well as to ensure that only that only serious
    applicants apply. This is a non-refundable fee, so be
    sure that you understand what you are doing before
    sending in your payment for the training materials.
    This fee will not be waived, and cannot be deducted
    from your first pay. This is because if you do not
    process any applications, you will not have a first
    pay, and we will have already taken the time to set
    you up and train you. You will be able to get the
    training materials, and begin working as soon as
    payment is received. Most applicants typically
    complete the training within 24 hours or less.
    However, you can do this at your own leisure. Keep in
    mind that the sooner you get through the training
    materials, the sooner you will start making money.
    If you are serious about this position, meet all the
    requirements, and are responsible enough to work from
    home, then read on to be informed on the cost of the
    training packet, and how to set up your paypal
    There is a one-time fee of $12.95 to begin. This is
    the cost of the training materials. The training
    materials give you step-by-step instructions on how
    YOU get started. When you receive your training
    materials you may begin working that same day.
    Once you have processed your first order you will have
    made your money back for the cost of the training
    materials. You will receive your training materials
    through your E-mail.
    If you are serious, and are willing to put forth some
    time and effort, then I look very forward to hearing
    from you again.

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    They say you shouldn't have to pay when you apply for a job, however, $12 wouldn't be too bad of a loss if things didn't work out! Just compare that to the $99 registration fee required to join some of these shady type at home companies... Could you tell me the site where you saw that ad please? Thanks!

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    It was on Craigslist - NY

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Should I be worried that they are new to paypal?? That is how they want payment

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Don't do it. I got scammed on craigslist SD. It truly sucked because although it was $20..... start up fee... it was still a waste of money. I did it through paypal as well. What happened to me was.... I applied for MEDICAL BILLING.. and then there was a start up fee... I paid and what I got via email was instructions on how to con the next person.....

    Do some research... type in the company name check if they are actually a standing company. I hate to see someone out there being fooled by crooks.


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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Thats what I am afraid of. Although it is only $12.00, I am still thinking it may be a scam.

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    I think this is the companies name
    Data-Tech Consulting Services
    I tried looking it up on hoovers.com - It is on there but I dont have a user name or password to get the report.

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Just think about it.... $12 is very affordable so is $20 but that $$ collected from here and there really adds up. I wouldnt do it... but if you do just becareful....and prepared...

    On the other side of things.. have you guys heard of willowcsn.com??? Well the reason I asked is because someone had told me that this website does have REAL jobs. I think its like a callcenter type posistion starting at 10-14 an hr?

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Well I guess im not going to take a chance, even if it is only $12.00. I have this feeling that it is too good too be true

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Willow CSN is legit, I don't work for them, but know people who do. not sure about the pay though. If you are looking for phone work, you can also look into Live Ops and West.

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    I would rather do Data Entry

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    They are not pay a penny. They set a site for U with your payment processor/account number and U have to post your own ads on various safelist and classified ads. Then, if any person is join by your processor/account then U have the money. ALL email typing, typing jobs and data type site is going at this system


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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com


    i have found that the majority of those data entry specialist jobs are scams. i have paid my money once and never received a thing. they'll lie and say that they sent you the training materials, tell you to check for spam, and all that crap when in actuality they have really just took your money. i have found a few that were legit and i am doing one now. what you need to do is email these people, ask for a company name, physical address TELEPHONE NUMBER, website, and something that will enable you to contact them other than email. if you do this, you will find that the majority of them won't respond because they are fakes. however, the ones that have a website, number, and other contact info are probably your best bets. also, check with the BBB. bottom line, don't pay to work!

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Spencer says "Steer Clear". No legitimate employer charges a fee to work for them.
    Christopher Spencer
    Author of The eBay Entrepreneur (Kaplan Publishing, available September 2006)
    Join me at eBay Live! 2006 in Las Vegas June 13-15 at the Mandalay Bay. I will be moderating a panel of Certified Providers on advanced business strategies, teaching a lab called Advanced Features of Selling Manager Pro and teaching a class on how to use Selling Manager Pro.

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    Those consultant.com email addresses are often used by scammers. Anyone can register one.

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    Re: Craigslist: Data Technicians" <data_techs@consultant.com

    I got the same email from this company. Once I saw that it required a fee, I quickly [B]deleted[/B] that email!!! REMEMBER, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY TO WORK. ;)

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