In June of 2005, I reserved a room at Days Inn, Key West Florida for a one night stay on February 11 2006. On that day I arrived at 7pm for check in, and was greeted by an extremely rude man working front desk, who identified himself as a supervisor. I was told that around 5 pm the "cancelled" my reservation because my credit card had a block on it. I phoned my credit card company to find out what the problem was, and they advised me there was no such block and nobody tried to charge anything, not to mention I had more then enough funds on my credit card. Upon returning back to the front desk, the supervisor became extremely rude once again and told me it isn't thier policy to call customers advising thier credit card didn't work, nor is it thier responsiblity to hold the room a few hours until you arrive. The supervisor told me (in front of many other customers), and I quote "next time, try using a valid credit card". First of all, no one should be spoken to in that manner, not to mention a paying customer. Nothing was wrong with my cc, nor have I ever had a problem in the past. I asked him to see the cc number he tried to put through, and he flatly refused. I argued with him to give me the number he was trying to put through, until finally he said he will only give me the last 4 digits. Well those digits were not linked to any of my cc. The reservation desk made a mistake entering the numbers. Why didn't they call me? Why didn't they tell me this when i called to confirm reservation? They say it isn't thier responsablity. Which makes me wonder. Then I find out the exact same thing happened to another couple on the very same night. Now to me, this seems very shady. Since Key West is very busy, and they get many walk ins, Do they give our room to those walk ins and make more money? Anyone booking a room with Days Inn in Key West, I would strongly suggest you call for your reservation prior to leaving for your destination, double check the cc number they have (although it can be altered at last minute) and also, ask for something in writing. If you have a complaint, don't bother calling customer service, or the corporate head office. You will be told flat out "it isn't my concern". They are definatly not one that can be trusted.