I got a call from some guy named RTS who sounds indian. He verified some of my information and told me I've been picked for 3 day 2 night vacation for free. Also they will be giving me a 1000 dallor shopping spreee. It sounded good so I stayed on the online. After verifying all the information he then transfered to another guy. Who explained everything once more asked if I have any question and then ask for my bank account number. He said he gonna rout it so they'll get a safe and confirmed 4.95$ for the shipping and handling fee. I was wondering why they are giving a 1,000 dallor shopping spree and 3day 2 night without including the shipping and handling fee.

I was wondering if you can jack any money just by knowing the account number?

Then he hands it off to yet another guy who then tell me I have to take 3 promotional offer along with the 1,000$ shopping spree and the vacation. He told me those promotional offer are all free and can be cancelled with no charge.

I just pretended that I didn't know the number and I just gave them a bogus one. They then tell me i'm gonna go through a automated machine to confirm everything about the order and about how they are gonna take 4.95$ from my bank. Well Is topped them right there and told them to call me back tomorrow at a later time since something came up. They agreed and now I jsut hung up with them. Weird... so are they trustable? Or it this surely a scam?