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    chase bank scam letter

    i just got this in my spam mailbox. it looks just like the typical "give us your personal info so we can rob you blind" scam. here's the letter: We recently reviewed your account and suspect that your
    ChaseBank Account may have been accessed by an
    unauthorized third party.Protecting the security of
    your account and of the ChaseBank Network is out primary
    concern.Therefore,as a preventative measure we have
    temporarily limited access to sensitive Chase Bank Account

    Clic The link below in order to regain access to
    your Chase Cardmembers Account,simply:


    Please fill in the required informations.
    This is required for us to continue to offer you a safe
    and risk free environment.


    Account Online Management
    does anybody know if chase bank has a place where i can report spoofed letters like ebay does?

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    Re: chase bank scam letter

    I got one of those too as a logged into my email today. I just deleted it though, cuz as far as I know, Im not a customer at any chase bank hehe!


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    Re: chase bank scam letter

    you can forward those to [email protected]

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    Re: chase bank scam letter

    Yes actually they do - on the web page http://www.chase. com. On the lower left of the page wuo will see "Visit the Chase Security Center to protect yourself against fraud and to see how Chase helps protect you." Click on this link and it will direct you to http://www.chase.com/ccp/index.jsp?p...ecurity_Center

    Hope this helps. I know this to be good & true since my mortgage is through Chase and I also received that scamspam.

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