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    Flourescent Bulbs - Rip off

    A spiral-type integrated compact fluorescent lamp, with combined tube and electronic ballast that has the "Standard" base that might fit into a Table lamp or ceiling socket are a huge rip off. They are advertised to last 7 years or 5 to 15 times a regular light bulb. Of the 20 to 25 we have bought to replace the regular bulbs in our house only one has survived after a year. Many lasted less than 2 months. They were various brands, mostly Sylvania and GE. We have another house, our experience is the same there. 7 years my arse.

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    Re: Flourescent Bulbs - Rip off

    Well you are buying the wrong ones then. I replaced most of my light bulbs with these things 10 years ago, never had one fail yet.

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    Re: Flourescent Bulbs - Rip off

    I tried GE and Sylvania, two well known brands. I have used at least 25 of them. They do not last. Maybe when you bought them, they were better made. I can tell you from my experience, having bought them at different places at different times and using them in different houses, they do not last!!! If you bought them at the same time, maybe you were lucky. But, again, I bought them at different places at different times, thinking I got a bad batch, they all failed except for one. I am sorry, but until I have better evidence than your one experience, I am going to pronounce them junk!!!

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