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    Hey Guys, Wish me luck

    Hey, I'm brand new at this. Please disregard the screen name, I'm not really a crook (scam.com, get it) Anywho, I have been a skeptic forever, but after reading this board up and down for about a week, I'm finally ready to try for a PSP at marketsurveygroup.com. I just want to get that out there, and hope for the best. Thanks for all the information you guys have compiled here.
    Updates to come.


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    Re: Hey Guys, Wish me luck

    May i suggest doing the 1K gift card and getting a PSP with it?

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    Re: Hey Guys, Wish me luck

    Yeah...makes no sense to go for a prize worth such a small amount of money when you can get something worth much more for the same amount of work.

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