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    Anyone ever hear of gamertestingground.com

    My son loves to play video games and I heard that people can make money testing them for companies. This web sight offers for a monthly fee a list of companies that pay gaming testers and tells you how to apply with best chances of landing a job. They do tell you that you have to work for it, but all the information you need can be found on their web sight. I have check the BBB and have no listing on them, I have also did some research online and found nothing but good things said about them.. I just wondering if anyone has heard anything about them and can you really make money testing games. This is my finely step in the process. I also check them out on a web sight called ripoffreport.com Which is a very good web sight I found some other companies I was looking at had bad reviews on this sight but they didn't have anything on this company. Thanks for your help..
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